Josh Wilson

My name is Josh Wilson, I am an entrepreneur. Though my ever-growing network, connecting other purpose-driven businesses with capital and clients has become my most valued ability. The mission on this earth is simple, to save the world from the pending employee apocalypse. What I live, do, and teach is a lifestyle shift that in my opinion must be embraced. The world in which we live requires a new set of skills and a dynamic mindset from us all. My desire is to develop and connect socially impactful and driven entrepreneurs with resources and opportunities so that together we can make a difference through our craft. My work is spread over numerous platforms. I host three different podcasts shows of my own and am in the background producing and investing in building platforms for thought leaders, social impact investors, and positive influencers to help spread their message. In addition to advising startups and new businesses through my incubator program, I am the founder of an agency helping entrepreneurs find capital and customers. The businesses I invest in and build are complimentary. One one hand I incubate budding entrepreneurs to help them build a strong foundation of the only skill set that will never, ever, ever be duplicated by machines or outsourced to the cheapest bidder….. The ability to build meaningful and valuable business relationships! Armed with this valuable asset, I partner with my incubated entrepreneurs and plug them into deals and opportunities under the direction of my industry leading advisors.

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