Jonathan R. Tuck

Dr Jonathan R. Tuck is a Holistic Energy Scientist who was introduced to quantum physics during his first degree. He completed his energy-centric doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2001. His deep interest in maths, frequency, vibration, and energy has served him well, and has been at the forefront of his work for the duration of his career, across the spectrum of scientific disciplines, and beyond. He’s studied human psychology and thought energy, and energy healing. He’s a Reiki Master Teacher who gives workshops explaining the phenomenon using quantum physics, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and wellbeing arena. In 2014 he cofounded a company who produce ultra-fast-charge energy storage devices, and has further interests and pursuits in energy and healing, for example using both metaphysical and electro-magnetic resonant frequency approaches. His pursuit of native healing and medicine, and pain relief solutions, was inspired by the ramifications of a serious accident that he experienced at the age of 8, where he became disenchanted with the current and established medical system. He performed deep research into the ‘truth’ about human health and wellbeing, and the abundance of other solutions, which have been known about for millennia in addressing health issues around the world. In many cases he’s used himself as a test patient for qualification and substantiation of the various approaches. His passion for understanding mental health issues from first principles has inspired him to research and develop many simple mind techniques, which have proven to be effective to reduce stresses and anxieties, and remove negative blockages and bias. Already an established author in the scientific community, his book ‘A Theory of Everything – Things I Wish I’d Known at Your Age’ was his first mainstream publication, which was originally written for his children. It provides a manual for life and is a step-by-step guide to raising your energy, vibration and frequency, and to attaining a more harmonious, joyful and purposeful existence as a human being on earth. One of the Keys to Developing Stability and Harmony, and Improving Your Mental and Physical Health, Your Life, and Your Interaction with Everything and Everyone in It and Around It, is in Raising Your Energy, Frequency and Vibration – Dr Jonathan R. Tuck


Colloidal Silver

"Colloidal silver helps heal the body is by blocking the ability of bacteria and viruses to “breath.” The silver stifles the enzymes that pathogens need to survive, thereby suffocating the pathogen." ...

What Qualifies Me to Think I Can Explain Anything About Life to You

"It gave me indefatigable determination, and ultimately the knowledge that if you really want something, then you can achieve it, despite the odds, and despite what anyone tells you, so long as you believe it and have faith in yourself." ...