Jenny Hines

Jenny is a part-time Producer and Screenwriter for Walk With You, the story of Dred Scott and the Blow Family of Virginia, with an amassed social media following of over 100,000 subscribers.  Jenny is the Editor of four books, The Revolutionary Spirit, a novel sponsored by the Southampton County Historical Society (2009, Franklin, Virginia).  Dred Scott’s Virginia (2012, Franklin, Virginia), a historical non-fiction about Dred Scott and the Blow family of Southampton County, Virginia. The Historical Structures of Southampton County was released in April 2016 and Samuel Blow Hines, the story of a Judge, Bondage, and a President; a historical novel about a judge during the Nat Turner Rebellion released in August of 2016.  Jenny has solid analytical and critical thinking abilities, with the capacity to make logical decisions, through effective communication, and credits her studies at William Paterson University of Wayne and New Jersey and American Public University, Manassas, Virginia.  Additionally, Jenny is the driving force behind the Walk With You production company for upcoming films Dred Scott and the Blow Family of Virgina, The Esther, and The Kennedy’s Assassination What Really Happened.  Jenny holds particular interests concerning Humanitarian studies and Climate Change.