Dr. Jefferson A. Stewart

Dr. Jefferson Stewart – co-founder, EaglesWings Team; free agent for BOTs-BODs-CXO Suites & 1st Speaker, JASS, LLC… Dr. Stewart has been serving Fortune 10-100-1000 firms for more than 30 years by focusing top leaders on the critical dimensions of core intellectual properties and on timing rapid market entries for their emerging businesses. Dr. Stewart’s corporate responsiveness among key institutions spans more than 40 years. His career-to-date, overall economic impact soars in the range of fourteen figures. Dr. Stewart stands at the ready as chairman emeritus, National Advisory Council of The American Society for Competitiveness. For 60 years, Dr. Jefferson has been serving as an ordained elder (40 years as elder at large) in his core faith communities. Like his three grown-up children, Jefferson greets each day’s dawning as a loyal Eagle, BSA.