Janice Kobelsky

My work in leadership and strategy development extends across a full and diverse spectrum of industries; products and services; business and career lifecycles; and, levels of complexity and expertise. I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant with fellowship distinction and former Dale Carnegie® master trainer, with extensive background and experience in leadership talent development and entrepreneurial strategic planning. I’ve learned that leadership is multi-dimensional. That each of us, in our own way and roles, must cultivate and demonstrate personal; interpersonal; contextual/cultural; and, situational leadership. So, what does that mean? At its essence, it’s about showing up thoughtfully and courageously to create value. To think strategically; to shape the future and achieve results. To make ideals like ‘better together’ and ‘inspired accountability’ real, through clear direction and alignment. And, to be mindful and deliberate about legacy. Legacy, as in the ripple-effect and impact we pay-forward and that we leave lasting on others; on our communities; on our world. To live and lead ‘on purpose’. Whether through workshops, seminars, in-person or online training or speaking events, one-on-one coaching, team and/or corporate facilitation, my work shares one common denominator: to refine, hone and fulfill on your vision and aspirations. I help you explore why: underlying intentionality and the power of purpose. Build competence and confidence, with unique approaches and frameworks for planning and execution. Then, energize, elevate and enrich your individual and/or organizational ability to shine; to serve; and, to succeed.