James Dodds

James Dodds
JAMES Dodds is committed to a life time of learning, leadership, and personal and professional growth. Mr. Dodds was first exposed to leadership while completed his MBA in Health Care Administration, with an emphasis on leadership. Mr. Dodds’ career in non-invasive cardiovascular testing began at Spokane Community College, and has continued over a 30 year career. Most recently this path has involved working as a traveler, allowing him to experience differing organizational cultures, new and differing testing modalities. In light of these experiences, James took an opportunity to write a book “The Three Legged Table: Why Every Employee Matters” as a reflection on the experiences and the lessons learned. Mr. Dodds’ future goals include career advancement and growth, preferably in an organization that promotes a leadership culture, and prides itself as a learning organization. Mr. Dodds is looking to utilize the skills, knowledge, expertise, and passion for learning and mentoring to build a dynamic cardiovascular center, and improve the performance and activities of the employees, department, and organization. Mentors build leaders; leaders are the foundation for growth and success.
Leaders exceed company standards in performance, communication, customer service, and teamwork. They are self-motivated, observant, and self-critical. They constantly try to improve their performance and the performance of their unit. While some individuals may display the characteristics of a leader,...
Leaders are those who embrace the corporation’s vision and values and serve as role models for their fellow employees. They take pride in their work, the department they work for, and the company they serve. They are enthusiastic and...


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