Iris von Brandstatter

Iris von Brandstatter, originally from the alpine regions of Austria - where the hills are alive, with the sound of music - studied initially Fine Arts and Design at Vienna's Academy. But her main passion always was writing. Her passion for wordsmithing took over, and after many years as a journalist, author, poet, and even scriptwriter, she changed careers again. Iris established an international corporate career; working in the US, Ireland, France, and for the past 20 years in the UK, advising businesses as a leading edge tech strategist, marketing specialist, and client project director. Her client list includes many FTSE100, as well as startups, and she also acted as a keynote speaker for the Cambridge Women In Tech network and as a leadership and staff coach. Her background as a trained artist ensures, that creativity plays a great part in her life and business. Iris is a passionate advocate for sustainability, equality, and CSR. She is also a keen student of Languages, Neuroscience and all things 'Quantum'. Her spare-time is often spent behind the camera or in the garden or ... trekking in some remote areas of the globe. An adventurer by nature, she considers herself a life-long student. She has authored, translated and collaborated on various books, and splits her time between working as Head Of Marketing for a tech-learning company and... international writers, whom she collaborates with, to bring their stories to life.