Heather Marriott

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Heather Marriott, founder of 360traction, has operated 3 businesses over 30 years providing insight and advice to companies in a wide range of goods and service sectors targeting both B2C and B2B customers. She has an MBA from Dalhousie University and certifications in Market Research (CMRP), in Design Thinking, Innovation Engineering, and Business Modelling. She works with companies to generate ‘aha’ moments that drive better decisions for greater traction. The 360traction method enables companies to see their business from the inside - out and the outside - in. This includes the customer view to identify DESIRABLE opportunities; the operations view to examine the blockers of product/service FEASIBILITY; the financial view to track the drivers of business VIABILITY, and; the market view to incorporate external influences on business TRACTION. 360traction starts with our IQ Metrics - a set of metrics that compare the company view (BMIQ: Business Model IQ) and the customer view (CMIQ: Customer Mindset IQ). This dual viewpoint identifies the weaknesses or hot spots that turn into fires when attention is elsewhere. We develop hot spot strategies with a blend of Design Thinking and Innovation Engineering techniques. The resulting opportunities or solutions are linked with business model implications. What changes are needed to avoid solving the same problems over and over? Or what needs to happen to leverage a new opportunity? Validation of the solution comes next to enhance commercialization success. We look at how to test the solution for desirability, feasibility, and viability. 360traction helps you design a business that delivers both company and customer value.

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