Gregory H. Wolf

Greg is an accomplished Speaker, Writer, Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Investor and Chief Executive. HIs executive experience includes service as the CEO of Humana, Inc.; President of Cigna Group Insurance; and Chairman and CEO of Medical Card System. Greg’s most recent corporate consulting experiences have been with product and service companies seeking to understand and fulfill the needs of mature (Age 50+) consumers. His counseling with individuals includes those who are undergoing significant life and career transitions such as an executive appointment, termination, substantial inheritance or retirement. He is the Founder of Wolf Media Group (WMG) which owns the popular Through Wolf's Eyes “Site for Seniors”, featuring video and articles written by Greg, WMG staff – all experts on issues of interest to a more mature market, and the content of I-Generation (people born after 1995) writers. A special feature of the site is an effort to connect the I-Generation with older generations.