Glenda-Ray Riviere

Glenda-Ray Riviere is an Energy Healer Intuitive and Author of the book “Transformative Meditation.” She also taught and guided young children in public schools for 33 years. As a young child, Glenda-Ray had an experience of not being seen or heard, hiding behind the curtain for fear of what might happen if she felt and expressed her thoughts and feelings. All of these unexpressed thoughts, feelings, and emotions led to a near “death” experience as a young adult. Through this life-changing experience, Glenda-Ray commanded to be shown another way to heal, transform and empower her life. Several different alternative healing modalities were presented to her. Upon exploring these various modes of healing such as Reiki, Re-connective healing, Theta Healing and Meditation, Glenda-Ray remembered her voice, gave herself permission to began to speak the deep truths that lay within and share her wisdom and intuitive gifts gleaned from her transformational journey. She offers personal and group sessions, holding sacred space in the transformation and empowerment of others, journeying them back to their heart to integrate healing through Self-realization. Glenda-Ray is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.