Gene Tange

GENE is the CEO/Founder of PearlHPS Inc. Previously he was the co-founder and COO of Fortelus, the first fully automated Human Capital Analytics tool, later acquired by Deloitte. He is a pioneer and thought leader in predictive execution analytics, predicting the business outcomes of teams up to 12 months out, and how high performance organizations significantly eclipse competition. Earlier in his career he was a C level executive of three multi-billion dollar global technology and healthcare firms where he has extensive acquisition experience with all phases of the deal (50 deals worth $5B), corporate transformations (lean, agile, focus factory redesign) and hyper-growth experience (3x revenue growth at the billion dollar level achieved in less than 5 years). Gene has a BS Business from SJSU and a Presidential MBA from Pepperdine University. PearlHPS is a business Intelligence, predictive execution analytics cloud enabled software platform that uses next generation data mining technology to identify and solve the most pressing business challenges: predicting acquisition success, understanding the risk profile of Corporate Transformations before starting the change, Predicting Turnaround success, High Growth Environments, and Strategic Workforce Planning.