Fernando Soto

ASK Fernando what he does for a living, and he will proudly say that he is a professional salesperson. At the age of eight, Fernando started his sales training at his mother’s side, watching and listening to her sales presentation of Avon products. She was in the top percentile of Avon representatives in the Greater New York Metropolitan area. Thirteen SOTOyears later he was selling, door-to-door, Holiday Magic cosmetics. His training at Holiday Magic included Dale Carnegie courses in sales and public speaking, Mind Dynamics, and the Silva Mind Control Method. Fernando reminisces about the night he was stopped by a stranger in front of the Empire State Building. “How would you like to make $10,000 a month?” the well-dressed stranger asked. He was invited to a meeting being held in the Empire State building. The stranger refused to disclose the nature of the business, challenging Fernando to just attend the meeting – while keeping an open mind. He did and became a Holiday Magic representative. His sponsor (the stranger) gave Fernando one assignment to complete before the next evening’s meeting. He had to buy a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and bring it to the meeting. He did, and attributes the book with giving him a road map towards success. That was 1971. Forty three years later, Fernando has built large downlines in the Network Marketing industry, has owned and operated fitness centers, real estate operations, and martial arts schools. Today, he consults to start-ups in the fields of sales and marketing. What does he do for a living? Fernando is a professional salesperson.