Fay Vietmeier

Writers note: “As a writer, I try to listen to what others aren’t saying and write about the silence.” - N.R Hart ...  I’m a “heart-to-heart” communicator. I did not learn this quality in any school .. though think it should be taught. It would transform the world. Mine was discovered during a decade in the desert: a wilderness experience ... “The Lord closed the door” ... I wonder if destiny is forged in moments? There came a moment... I believed. In my heart, a “good deposit” was received. For years I have been following Jesus Christ .. my life is being transformed. The greatest catalyst to abundant life personally & professionally .. is spiritual rebirth. A supernatural transaction: spirit to Spirit. Supernatural LOVE produces supernatural outcomes. Gifts of wisdom ... Creativity ... patient endurance. Eternal life. A career note: After investing 18 years in the world-of-work as a Branch & Region Manager in the staffing industry ... I then worked as a consultant for 10 years .. which eventually led me to the energy industry ... Which led me to establish Aletheia Energy LLC. My heart is toward helping people & sharing knowledge. I am an advocate for my clients. ... I collaborate with commercial business owners to reduce energy costs & assist with energy procurement. My guiding principle in life & work is TRUTH which is why I choose the name “Aletheia” (Greek for “Truth”). “In His Light” .. is my compass & well-spring .. here I search for the right words. My mom wrote poetry so perhaps there is a gene that gets handed down. As I seek to know Him more: I petition God for words: that give LIFE.  Presently, my blog is found HERE.