Miriam Ettisch-Enchelmaier

Mrs. Miriam Ettisch-Enchelmaier started her investigative business in 1972 on the smaller side of the living room table, has a Master’s degree in IT, obtained in 2005. She is the Founder and Editor of the International Business Calendar listing events in many countries which HINDER business activities. It has been published monthly since 1998 with more than 4,000 readers (estimated) globally. She is also the Founder and Moderator of the Yahoo Group Investigationsworldwide Association. She is well regarded by her peers, therefore she is also an honorary member of various PI groups and was awarded the title Investigator of the Year in 2012 by WAD (World Association of Private Investigators), the leading and oldest international PI group. She is also engaged socially: she built and owns two establish-ments for seniors and disabled persons; Senior Lodge and Appartement Lodge.