Ellen Stone

Ellen Stone served in organizations working with individuals with disabilities for over fifteen years, progressing from direct care positions to an executive director-level position. She has a comprehensive background in engaging and advocating for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the delivery of services across the nonprofit sector. Working within the disability sector provided her with the opportunity to work with nonprofit, public service, and government organizations in the fields of health, education, employment, public policy, housing, recreation, and community services. She understands the challenges of working in small nonprofit organizations. There is never enough time, and every staff member wears many different hats! The Executive Director, in particular, seems to need a degree in business, human resources, nonprofit management, and the specific area of the organization’s mission. She enjoys putting her knowledge to work supporting nonprofits - consulting in fundraising, grant writing, and capacity building, and working with the nonprofit staff to ensure the long-term sustainability of organizations that are vital to thriving communities across the country.

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