Deas Plant

My name is Deas Plant. I grew up on farms in Western Australia, attended country schools to 3rd year high school - year 10 - at age 15, went to work on wheat and sheep farms in the central wheat belt of Western Australia for 5 years after leaving school. In early 1965, I left the farms and got a job as a bulldozer operator - turned out I was pretty good at it - and also at operating many other types of earthmoving and construction machinery, which was GREAT, 'cos I LOVED it - Passionately. It became my career for over 50 years. Along the way, I also discovered passions for personal/spiritual development and various alternative healing modalities. These passions became hobbies that I put to work - unpaid - whenever people expressed a need for them or a desire to learn. I have given several 1 1/2 hour addresses on subjects related to these passions and also facilitated longer workshops on them. I retired from operating heavy equipment in late February 2015, and have already been dragged back SIX times 'cos none of the 'young guns' can do what the 'ol' feller' can do. Now, I am looking to start a business in personal development training and dealing with stress and emotional pain with structured courses and workshops and also doing some public speaking.