Cynthia Kosciuczyk, MBA

Some time ago I took the less-traveled roads which led to many careers. Each of these contributed to my unique mix of expertise: science research, teaching, food, art, and textiles. Owning and operating my own businesses (a bakery, a gallery, and a consulting business) thrust me into the driver seat of learning many diverse roles from customer service to public relations and resulted in my unique management style. Participating in the creation of startups and my own businesses and technology endeavors such as My quest for knowledge and seeking out the best has turned me into a networking enthusiast. A lifelong passion for textiles and Persian rugs taught me an array of professional skills which make the spectrum of research, writing and community events enjoyable interrelated tasks. Networking in the art and music areas, community projects and events has resulted in a multitude of business opportunities. My experiences include Management, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Design, Descriptive Writing, Business Strategy, Color, and Textiles. Each and every facet of my work and life come together like pieces of a puzzle. I strive to be a phenomenal net-worker and problem solver who continues to learn and grow.