Clif Albino

Clif's passion & purpose is to show you how to ACCUMULATE WEALTH WITHOUT MARKET RISK and distribute GUARANTEED INCOME that you cannot outlive. You need to make more money and I will show you how by paying LESS IN FEES and expenses which really hurt you in the long run... this makes gains for you much easier TAXES...if you can control this you got it made. I will show you how to create income without paying any tax on it and it is IRS approved. You will get most of the GROWTH in the S & P 500 but none of the loses. This is what supercharges your plan As a Chartered Financial Consultant with 28 years of experience, I design tax free income retirement plans with less expenses than mutual funds, returns as good as the S & P 500 and income 25% to 40% greater than a 401K.

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