Christine A Ciccone

I AM a wife, mom, and a grandmom who lives in Minnesota, USA. I love God, my family, and, unexpected as it may be, I love business. I can see marketing in everything. My children would not be able to tell you how many times I have told them, "Honey, that is so cool! Sell those, you'll make a million!" God, family, and business all intertwine for me. One of these factors would not be able to be taken out and still explain, partially, who I am. I am still so much more, just like everyone else is. We are the sum of many parts, many interests, but we are also the sum of many, many prayers, prayed by ourselves, parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, children, grandchildren, and on and on and thankfully, on. My business? I hold out my hands, offering gold to everyone. What kind? I am a Certified Independent Reliv Distributor for Reliv International, based out of Chesterfield, Missouri. It is a company that offers excellence of health with its nutritional supplements, being the home of epigenetic nutrition. With that offer comes the extension of service to you, the opportunity of making a difference in your financial picture, of making such dear friendships, and discovering lifestyles with all kinds of possibilities. The words Reliv, lunasin, and epigenetics are going to be household words, and soon. They are a few golden nuggets that I love to share with everyone. Another one, brand new, is Fit3. As with God and family, I serve in business.