Cheryl Pershey

Cheryl Pershey is owner of betterteamstrategies, a boutique B2B consultancy, speaker/presenter (with extensive in-person and virtual experience), group facilitator, and coach.  With her accounting/finance background and more than 25 years’ experience, Cheryl believes workplace culture matters and business organizations must realize people they employ are their most important assets. Her work focuses on transcendent management, development of leaders at all levels, building high-performing teams and cultures to support them. Motivated by her own experience as an “invisible visible”, Cheryl discovered her Traumatic Brain Injury was a gateway – a de facto shortcut to phenomenal healing, transformation, and a foundation for future successes. Rewiring how her brain functions, taught her to think and process life differently, which she now uses to go where others can’t, deciphering clues, identifying blind spots, connecting dots, and creating innovative solutions around workforce dysfunction, disruption, and critical people issues. Apart from her work focus, she previously found time to publish Moonrise 13Moon Digital Magazine. Due to her love of the written word, Cheryl has also authored a number of short stories, poems, essays, and a couple of unpublished manuscripts. Throughout her life, she has also been actively engaged with local organizations focused on domestic violence, mental health, drug rehabilitation/prevention. Cheryl lives in metropolitan Denver, Colorado.