Cathryn Barnard

AS co-founder of Working the Future, Cathryn helps business leaders prepare for the future of work. She writes about future of work trends and topics, and specifically about how commercial landscapes are set to transform and disrupt. With so many technological, socio-cultural and environmental factors converging concurrently to change the way that businesses are structured, Cathryn focuses on the transitions that business leaders and workers alike can make to both prepare for and thrive in significantly different trading environments. With a degree in modern languages and a career in staffing and recruitment, Cathryn has always been fascinated by how people communicate and interact. Having owned and run her own businesses since the late nineties, Cathryn has developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in setting up and growing a business, and her experiences bring a “real-world” perspective to her writing about the future of work. Outside of work, Cathryn has a keen interest in music, theatre, and film, meeting new people and learning new things.