Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine Fitzgerald is an experienced executive, natural leader, business coach, speaker, and writer. She is the founder of Catapult Leadership Group and certified with The Great Game Of Business®. Catherine has over 35 years’ experience as a strong professional with a proven track record in developing people, performance, and profits. She’s held many titles, be it as Regional Sales Manager, Vice President, Executive Director or CEO, in various industries from banking to health insurance and from choral music to feeding the hungry. Catherine is passionate about helping people which has been the common thread throughout her career. She understands that it is the people who make the difference, whether it is in the for-profit or the non-profit sectors. Catherine’s focus is on building strong businesses by helping employers to engage and align their employees through financial literacy training which is the cornerstone of open-book management. When employees know how to WIN at work and they are provided a stake in the outcome, they learn how to improve the financial scoreboard for the company. The result is that employees are empowered to think, act and feel like owners, which creates a financially secure company with an incredible culture. Catherine fell in love with the written word in high school and has always enjoyed the process of writing. She went on to UCLA and changed majors after her first year, graduating with a degree in English. She has always considered herself a writer and is enjoying the freedom to explore writing within her passion rather than as an assignment. Catherine is a board member for a local non-profit, an enthusiastic fan of live theater and loves to gather family & friends for a delicious homecooked meal but she is most proud of being the mom of three accomplished, amazing young men.