Cassandra Tindal

Cassandra is the Visionary Founder, and Executive Producer of Womenz Straight Talk Television, including Editor-in-Chief of Womenz Straight Talk Magazine, a publication that focuses on real stories that matter, to enlighten, empower and raise the social consciousness, and awareness of a global society. Also, as a co-author, writer, and professional life-coach, Cassandra brings a unique element of content to her readers and women audience with articles that focus on views, opinions, and ideas from a women’s perspective of life’s amazing journey, and through the exciting discoveries on a verity of health, business and lifestyle topics. Whether it’s chronic, cosmetic or just plain confusing, articles are tempered with wisdom, humility and inspiring information that’s seen through the colorful spectrum of life in her writing, and the stories she brings to Womenz Straight Talk, multi-media platforms. Cassandra is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.