Bill Doerr

Bill works with coaches, consultants, and advisors who want to get more clients and earn more money. After caring for (playing with!) wolves as a student at UCONN, he earned his CLU and ChFC designations, worked in the financial services industry as a producer, trainer and as a consultant at LIMRA Int’l. Bill’s focus has always been to help his clients convert their competence into compensation . . . simply, easily and effectively. Check out his complimentary download page here: GOOD STUFF! He’s created two online software services: The Expert Directory™ and The Client Machine® which, together, help his clients build relationships, referrals, and revenues. He’s ghostwritten at least one book (that he can acknowledge) for his clients and regularly creates content to share the best ideas he can find for cultivating valued relationships with others. As passionate as he is about marketing, Bill knows the importance of being effective at selling. For 11 years he sold and delivered sales training for TEM Associates in CT and NY -- a leading franchise for Sandler Training. “I’ve been blessed to work with business people in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. It’s been a helluva ride and not a bad living.” In his personal life, Bill loves to travel, bicycle, holds a private pilot’s license and is instrument rated -- a capability he’s actually used on several occasions. Apparently, rather successfully, too.

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