Bhavana BP

I have a decade of corporate experience in various domains right from being a pure technical resource to working as an Emotional Intelligence go-to person with everything else in between. Life happens! And I accept that when it does, we must have an open mind and heart to receive and head on the path shown to us. This has enabled me to learn, adapt, and grow at a greater speed and also take people on a similar growth path along with me. This has also allowed me to fully understand my multiple interests & the potential I carry especially in interpersonal relations such as effective listening, empathy, negotiation, and liaising in most places. I believe people matter and only people matter! I love interacting with people. I provide and derive energy from a group - my tribe. With ample learnings life has provided me with, through various experiences at different stages, I have been able to dive deep & understand myself better. This journey of my life has made me stronger in all possible ways. I believe learning is a never-ending process - We must unlearn, learn, and relearn continually. This understanding has made my coaching enriching and effective in empowering people to grow into their best! My purpose - My 3 I's - Inspire, Influence, and Impact. As someone who believes communication is one of the biggest game-changers especially in the digital space, I am into personal branding, content creation, an active learner in the space of podcasts, video making, and social media marketing. I am the author of my Memoir titled 'A Daughter's First Love: Dad' which is available globally in paperback & e-book format. And as an author, I help others find their voice through books. What keeps me going in my journey is my optimism and resilience. As I see it, it is all energy and we are all connected. Come, let us explore how we can grow together.