Barke Faraj Kamuss

Barke is the founder of Barke BeYourOwnHero. She is working with communities, organisations, NGOs, and education sectors in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the USA, and Africa. Barke has an amazing technique that helps women and girls “Be Your Own Hero”. Her passion and purpose drove training services and coaching placed her as an influencer. Barke leading women and girls in the United Kingdom and Africa. Her exceptional experience in childhood abuse, arrange marriage, emotional abuse (living with Narcissist), faith, financial hardship, single parent and became her own hero through personal development and personal growth. Barke has delivered an award-winning presentation and best seller biography book that helped women and girls become the pillars of the community. Barke is a humble person and leads by example through empowering, inspiring, and being authentic self. Her astonishing purpose and approach to impact the people’s lives and global audience. Barke is an ambassador with Humans First and featured as a co-author in the first edition book, also has host variety of shows on social media and featured in television, podcast and radio show. She aims to help women and girls who are suffering by sharing awareness and support. Barke collaborates with different leaders to support and build connection. She regularly interviews other leaders at Soul Purpose Leader Platform, she hosts weekly self-development and faith-based shows with other leaders. She hosts mature student network volunteering empowering through storytelling and support group at the University of East London.