Arif Mansuri

Arif Mansuri is a strange creature. He has spent more than twenty years working various roles, leadership, and global ones, in large multi-national corporations, and so he feels qualified to criticise and pillory modern-day corporate culture. He claims it comes from a place of affection and a desire to improve the lives of drones like himself, but we're not so sure given the acridity of his commentaries. All those years in the cubicle farms and the time spent at Harvard Business School has filled his head with a lot of big ideas and an unflagging curiosity for new ones. His articles, therefore, are a curious mix of skewering present management trends and a fascination for tips and ideas for the future. Once in a while, he dabbles in movies, TV, and travel, but clearly, the current economic climate doesn't give him enough time to dive into those. Other than that, he is a devoted family man with a wife and two kids who continue to tolerate him for unclear reasons.