Amadeo J. Ordonez is an Oceanside, CA-based, Longview, WA grown, producer/DJ, Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and an emerging artist in the dance music community. After graduating from the Los Angeles Recording School in 2019, his debut EP, All Luck No Skill, dropped shortly after. Amadeo always knew he wanted to make music and to perform in front of crowds when he grew up. His pursuit of releasing music was put on pause for a few years while he served in the Marine Corps. Nearing the completion of his contract, Amadeo had to decide to re-enlist or to shoot for the stars and follow his dreams. Amadeo’s musical influences that range from symphonic orchestral to aggressive metal to conventional pop can be heard throughout his music. Friends and family know Amadeo as a loud, energetic, and strong-willed monster that doesn’t accept failure as an option. His music represents his personality so accurately that it’s scary; loud, full of energy, strong.