Alan Fisher

A modern Da Vinci seems to be the most apt way to describe Alan Fisher, his work and life experiences. A lifelong learner, teacher, innovator and creator, Alan started his professional credentials by obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mathematics with Honors and a minor in German. Biotech was the first professional working arena that Mr. Fisher pursued. Rising from manufacturing to eventually managing the Air Sampling Division, which taught Mr. Fisher early lessons about corporate communication, people and resource management, and dealing with difficult circumstances. Immunology was the next field in Alan’s sights. For fourteen years Alan conducted research in university, biotech, and pharma environments, eventually leading and consulting on many projects involving almost every system of the body and efforts to create new types of delivering novel therapies to patients, who years before would have had no hope. While spending a year in Sweden, working for a pharmaceutical company, he, in addition to his other duties, became the de facto writing editor and author for his Swedish co-researchers and even taught English to some of their family members. Essentially, medicine was in his DNA from childhood, growing up with allergies and respiratory issues, which he is currently working to solve, as well as having a mother who was a nurse for 40 years. Prowess with the computer and data analysis aspects of research led to his current career of Information Technology. True to Alan’s M.O. of finding niche areas and needs that have not been filled, he has in the past 15 years learned and mastered many different platforms from operating systems, databases, web authoring, and architecting total business solutions. All along, in science and IT, Alan has been recognized for his ability to communicate, especially in documentation and writing. Currently, Mr. Fisher is studying Data Science, where he plans to master Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As an adjunct to all of his professional experiences and plans, Mr. Fisher enjoys writing on subjects including IT and his other passions of mathematics,