Martin Harshberger

I’m a business development coach in the with 20 years’ experience as a mid-sized company CEO. I specialize in helping businesses grow and increase value for stakeholders. We focus on the development of a sustainable growth strategy that includes all key business functions. Repeatable business growth requires a clear organizational strategy with performance metrics, a defined marketing & sales strategy, and accountability for execution. We are a member of the Strategy Execution Alliance and a Certified HubSpot partner. We employ a holistic approach using analysis and planning tools coupled with a methodology to identify opportunities and threats, develop solutions and facilitate execution. Recognizing that most strategic and change initiatives fail, we offer tools and process to help you succeed. Having founded and grown two mid-tier companies over 20 and I’m the author of “Bottom Line Focus” how to take your business from surviving to thriving in 18 simple steps. Specialties: Business development, Business growth, Strategic Planning, strategy execution process, and tools. Marketing strategy development and execution, digital content marketing programs and tools.