Assembling Corporate Vision With Social Prosperity And Security

Siemens Vision 2020+

”I will not sell the future for instant profit!”

~Werner von Siemens, 1884


In Atlas Shrugged (1957), by Ayn Rand, the system falls apart to the point that the remaining producers choose to simply withdraw rather than proliferate and disrupt the society from within.

“In 1995, Fukuyama argued that only those societies with a high degree of social trust would be able to create the kind of flexible, large-scale business organizations that are needed for successful competition in the global economy.” (1)

Carrying proudly the responsibility of its 170+ years history and legacy, a Tech Giant, an Atlas of the modern era of turbulent markets and exponentially growing challenges, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with its footprint in 190+ countries around the globe, the German conglomerate company Siemens AG (German pronunciation: [ˈziːmɛns]) is shaping the future – the digital future. Globally.

Siemens Vision 2020+

“With its Vision 2020+, Siemens has recently once again clearly answered these questions: a company faces up to its responsibilities, furnishes lasting benefit and generates added value from a position of strength – for its shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and societies all over the world. Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG, puts it like this: “Only the strong can help the weak, take responsibility and then fulfill it. Serving society and generating value for all stakeholders are the key aspects of our purpose, and they determine how we allocate resources.” (#quote)

Siemens calls this attitude “Business to Society.“ A look back at Siemens history shows what that means. ‘

‘Generating social value added is one of the pillars of corporate operations at Siemens – as it has been for more than, 170 years now. Ever since the company was founded in 1847, it has been working through its products, solutions, and services to improve quality of life for people worldwide, generate value, and thus earn trust in its performance. After all, only those who know their own past can master the present and help define the future.” (2)

Becoming a Digitally Mature Enterprise. Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation.

Organizations are finding themselves under the pressure of being forced to react quickly to the dynamically increasing number of cybersecurity threats.

Organizations are finding themselves under the pressure of being forced to react quickly to the dynamically increasing number of cybersecurity threats. Since the attackers have been using an attack life cycle, organizations have also been forced to come up with a vulnerability management lifecycle. Cybersecurity is becoming the most important security topic of the future – particularly in the age of digitalization.

The threat landscape is changing constantly an, probably, by the time you have finished reading this essay, a new vulnerability was discovered. It’s for this reason that the foundation of knowledge and best strategies is so important because it will assist decision makers in rapidly absorbing new challenges and applying security principles to remediate threats. People and organizations need to trust that their digital technologies are safe and secure; otherwise, they won’t embrace the digital transformation. Digitalization and cybersecurity must evolve hand in hand.

A Strategic Siemens’ answer? The Charter of Trust (4)

Creating trust in a secure digital world. For a secure digital world

On February 16, 2018, at the Munich Security Conference, the most important decision-makers of international security policy signed the Charter of Trust – baseline standards for cybersecurity – for a secure digital world. The Charter of Trust partners: Siemens AG, Airbus, Allianz, Daimler, IBM, Munich Security Conference, NXP, SGS and Deutsche Telekom, Dell, Cisco, Total, TÜV SÜD.

Revisiting Fukuyama. The Purpose Of Business. And the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

“One of the central premises and argument for the value of corporations is that their interests are aligned with the society or community where they are operating. If they are not – if they are only operating in the interests of shareholders, this undermines a central premise for the utility of the free market.” (1) ‘With the rise of new technologies comes the fear of unemployment, which creates anxiety and perceived insecurity.

‘Artificial Intelligence, in particular, may thwart human interaction for certain processes, as new demands and functions arise. History has indeed shown that machines can replace humans, but many experts agree that they can also create new functions for human beings, albeit, equipped with a different skill set. AI will not be an exception.’ (#quote) (5)

Artificial Intelligence for Good! Is a sound element of Siemens strategy! “I’m convinced that Artificial Intelligence will create new jobs. To foster sustainable economic growth, the public & private sector need to develop a joint AI strategy. We have successfully begun the digital transformation with Industrie 4.0. With industrial AI, we can now take it to a completely new level,” (6) (#quote) declares Dr. Roland Busch, the CTO, and Managing Board Member.

At the United Nations’ High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, the UN reviewed progress on the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Siemens AG made the Sustainable Development Goals the Siemens agenda.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

1 – No Poverty

2 – Zero Hunger

3 – Good Health & Well-Being

4 – Quality Education

5 – Gender Equality

6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

10 – Reduced Inequalities

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

13 – Climate Action

14 – Ocean. Life below Water

15 – Biodiversity. Life on Land

16 – Peace, Justice, Strong Institutions

17 – Partnerships for the Goals

‘Sustainability follows our company values: responsible, excellent and innovative.’ Siemens AG. (3)

As I collect data for this essay, I am impressed by the proactive role the Top Management of the Siemens AG plays in assuring the global thriving success of the corporation in its “Business to Society” strategy. With this, I call for a chance to nominate the Siemens Managing Board for the Global SDG Awards.


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