Asleep at the Wheel

So here we go again. In the face of a global catastrophe, we have a legion of medical professionals hard at work in their secret research labs. They are mixing strains, breaking down compounds, injecting little white rats with serum… They are manipulating genetic codes, trying to understand the best way forward in this God-forsaken pandemic. Their goal: to find a vaccine that defeats the Covid-19 virus. While all of that sounds noble and logical, why do I remain skeptical? Why am I not fully invested in the word trust here?

Am I simply that nihilistic or cynical to believe that our scientists are not working in the best interests of humanity?

Perhaps, but I have many reasons to remain guarded. I simply find it strange that a pandemic created in a research lab also demands an instant cure… also generated in a research lab. For starters, how about they not create these monsters in the first place. How about they stop tampering with and manipulating these deadly strains of virus. How about they stop raping Mother Nature under their high-power microscopes for a change.

Yes, science is important. We learn and grow. We benefit as a society – but at what cost? Whether Covid was released intentionally or by accident, the fact remains that there are far worse monsters sitting in little freezers across the globe. Things with no cure that could wipe us out in a matter of days, rich and poor alike. Whether Covid was created in China, Russia, France or the U.S. is irrelevant. They’re all participating. All first-world countries are involved in viral testing and research. All it takes is one politically disgruntled genius to spill some liquid in an open wet market – what a convenient cover story. What spreads from there is nothing less than terror, anxiety, and death.

Let’s face it, medical research is a big game. It crosses international boundaries and shapes the geopolitical landscape.

Dissolving the elements of nature in these secret cauldrons of biological mayhem – this practice is always funded by corrupt government agencies and regimes. There are too many diseases being created simply for the luxury of research and analysis. There’s big money involved. People with far superior intellect are finding deadlier ways to destroy human tissue, to weaponize bacteria in a calculated game of risk.

It wasn’t enough to split the atom, no sooner than we were dropping bombs on Japan. Strange how one breakthrough always seems to end with chaos and destruction… one tiny particle becomes the divine Hammer of God. How pathetic. We are like children playing with toys, always smashing each other in violent fits of jealousy. It’s like a secret-funded race between the greatest egos of our generation. Who will achieve the most power through fear? Who will have the deadliest weapon? The most gruesome germ? Who will be summoned to cure these expensive diseases created by our enemies? It makes zero sense.

Human beings are nothing less than a trainwreck in history. We have so many gifts and talents, yet we cannot resist the impulse to self-destruct. At this very moment, our brilliant thinkers are using their collective genius to generate cures for the very same diseases they created in the first place. It’s easy for us to praise and worship their intellect, to put these chemists and biologists on a pedestal for their ingenuity, but let’s remember that not all science is good science. These clinical wizards are paid a healthy salary to generate toxins and destructive nerve agents, diverse viruses like Covid which attack multiple systems above and beyond the standard flu strain.

When you see a loved one gasping for breath and you can’t even say goodbye, you begin to question the integrity of those who are “making our world safer” from existential threats. My goal is not to condemn all science, but I do remain skeptical. What we are suffering through now is only the first act. There is a lousy sequel waiting in the wings, but we are simply too stubborn and dumb to acknowledge the truth.

So what comes next? I suppose one good catastrophe deserves another. With Covid-19 chewing away at us from a biological and political standpoint, we stand well outside of our comfort zone waiting for the world to return to normal. We clutch our hands together and pray for a vaccine that will rid us of this terrible disease. We are told conflicting stories from political entities grasping for power… a pandemic during election season… what could possibly be worse?

In the meantime, we are taunted and teased with the prospect of a cure, a vaccine that will restore social order and good health on a global scale. It’s a wonderful notion to consider, but again – I remain skeptical. Before any government agency comes to my door with a needle, before strangers in Hazmat suits want to prick my family in the arm without consent – I want answers first.

Seriously. Why should I accept something from strangers when no one has investigated or revealed the truth of Covid’s origins? Hundreds of thousands have perished in agony, yet there is no outrage or demand for truth from the media. Whether this was simply negligent mass homicide or blatant global genocide against the human collective, there still remains no accountability for this fiasco. We are told it was created in a lab in Wuhan, China, but there is still no concrete press for answers or evidence on this issue. The truth remains obscured in lies.

Worse… How could the death of millions not be the single most important story of our generation? Why are militant political movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa more worthy of headlines than the largest global death counts since the Jewish holocaust in World War II? It makes no sense. I could easily continue down this rabbit hole of dark questions, but who am I beyond the confines of my little home in Florida?

I am merely a peasant in the greater village, yet I see no one asking the pertinent questions… not in the press and certainly not on social media.

Aside from that, I still want answers. I want to know more about this rushed vaccine that will be unduly forced on the market without extensive testing and validation. I want to know what it’s made of, its chemistry, and its compound. I want to know how it affects each blood type, how it attacks the virus, and how it neutralizes the symptoms. I want statistics and proof. I want to know where it was created and by what government authority do they have to stick my family in the arm with chemicals. If you tell me the research was funded by Bill Gates, I’m going to slam the door in your face.

Even more, I want this vaccine proven by a credible medical establishment – not the corrupt and compromised CDC who failed in their task to protect millions of citizens from a global pandemic. Wasn’t that their primary objective? To keep track of outbreaks and have a swift plan of defense? Weren’t they supposed to cooperate with the World Health Organization, to hold hands and prevent such outbreaks from occurring? I guess I’m a little confused as to how and why we are in this mess. You can blame all the political leaders you want, but I hold the CDC and WHO directly responsible. It’s like a military guard falling asleep on duty. Before you know it, thousands have perished in an invasion due to negligence.

I’m all for a cure, but how do these vaccines affect developing minds? Does it cause severe reactions in infants? Can the chemicals destroy brain tissue or impair cognitive development? How will elderly patients react to the antibodies? Are there any other long-term side effects we should be concerned about? More important, will Covid continue to mutate and resist? Will we need yearly injections like the flu virus? And that’s my point – we don’t even have the full scope of answers on Covid, yet we’re expected to roll up our sleeves and accept a vaccine rushed immediately into production. Why are we so ready, willing, and able to let smiling strangers prick us in the arm? Are we really that gullible and stupid?

We have no idea how long Covid will last. We have no idea what else it is capable of, what it is genetically programmed to do. We have no idea how long it will continue to cripple our global economy. They need to prove some things before they start injecting people with some brand new nightmare. We are living in dangerous times, driven by dangerous people with dangerous motives. We don’t even know who they are, yet we will do anything to get back to our football games and spring break gatherings. Before we scream about our rights being violated, let’s do our part and hold these faceless saviors accountable. Let’s have some truth on Covid before we line up like sheep to take a microchip injection.

Good grief, doesn’t anyone ask important questions anymore? Probably not. We’re too busy being distracted by our social media accounts – which is exactly how they trap us in these situations in the first place. We’re all asleep at the wheel…

Aaron Towle
Aaron Towlehttp://www.repdigest.com/
Aaron Towle is a Multimedia Artist living in Green Cove Springs, FL. He proudly served in the military as a journalist and now works as a developer in the Defense Contracting Industry. He is passionate about art, literature, and photography and looks to continue building his credentials as a professional writer. He currently produces an online publication called Reprehensible Digest, which explores the subtle dynamics between art and literature.


  1. In recent times we have passed from an unlimited faith in the progress of science to a climate of mistrust and suspicion, which often gives rise to anti-scientific impulses. In short, an attitude of more or less open hostility has emerged, which leads to taking into consideration only the negative aspects of scientific development. The scientist attitude tends to attribute the negative consequences that sometimes (but not always, and not automatically) accompany scientific and technological progress to alleged “external” agents. The anti-scientific attitude proceeds in the opposite direction, discharging all the blame for any negative effects onto science and technology. However, it should be remembered that the dimension of risk is inherent in the scientific enterprise itself: knowing more about reality on the one hand increases our power over nature, and on the other hand it can ensure that this increased power gives rise to unwanted consequences.
    Of course, we must also ask ourselves what happens if scientific activity is not governed by any methodological rule. If science advances in an anarchic way and without any rules, then its cognitive value can be revoked in doubt. Not only. Science becomes a prairie open to forays of all kinds.
    The need to arrive at a shared idea on the relationship between science and ethics, which is capable of not limiting frontier research but at the same time respecting the freedoms and rights of all, is a priority issue.

    • Thanks Aldo, and I agree that it is a priority issue. In the grand scheme of humanity, science and technology is still a forward step toward progress and civility. I think one day we will realize that these gifts are special tools that must be used wisely and not abused merely for profit and power. That is the problem. It’s not much different than the discovery of gun powder. It was a breakthrough that revolutionized warfare and shaped nations. Unfortunately, because of our primitive instincts, hundreds of millions had to die in horrible agony and despair in the process. Same can be said for splitting the atom… a scientific breakthrough that lead to the deaths of countless thousands of Japanese citizens. Let’s hope we can keep the majority of our scientists and tech wizards pointed in the right direction. That almighty dollar is always waiting to absorb what’s left of our integrity. I hope those bio-engineers think long and hard about their Covid-19 monster as they sale around the globe on expensive yachts…

      • Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.
        The rapid development of science has raised and continues to raise a series of thorny problems due to the very close relationships that bind it to one of the most delicate fields of morality. If on the one hand a more cautious attitude towards science has been taken both as regards its cognitive possibilities and as regards its practical results, on the other hand it is believed that science and technology, if well directed, can help individuals and peoples to achieve better and better living conditions. However, I am of the opinion that today, more than yesterday, it is necessary to re-dimension the celebration of the practical scope of science, since it can put in the hands of man a gigantic power which, if misused, risks canceling life on our planet.
        To the next time!

  2. Nice piece.

    I have to say, I haven’t seen evidence to convince me Covid is manmade. it may or may not be, but nothing I’ve seen convinces me of it.

    Just a note: WHO and CDC aren’t tasked or staffed to stop a pandemic. They are basically a group of (maybe) knowledgeable people who are looking out for problems then alerts the world. They are more the lookouts of your military group. But all they do is alert command (whoever that is) and need resources put to the task.

    You make a very good point about the vaccine. We keep hearing that it’s going to be completely validated before being released. I might be able to believe it is possible to shorten development and even scale-up time. But there is no possible way to shorten long-term safety studies. So, it is literally impossible to declare this safe in a shortened time-frame.

    • Thank you for your points Michael, greatly appreciate it… and you are completely right. For all we know the virus may be natural, but it doesn’t operate like anything we’ve ever seen. It attacks different systems in strange ways and we still don’t have a full understanding of its nature or genetic scope. It may be designed to mutate and change its objectives. I find it hard to believe that Mother Nature is so diabolical or calculating… that her viruses could be so lethal and diverse seemingly overnight. Then again, I’m not a virologist… or a detective. I’ve probably read too many Richard Preston novels. I just have a hard time believing anything I see or hear, and I’ve known some loved ones who were decimated by the virus. Guess we’ll just have to follow the bouncing ball in order to see where all this leads… Thanks again and take care!