Asking For Help: The Key To Growing Your Business

Some business owners are reluctant to ask for help.

Afraid of appearing weak and inadequate in front of others, they persevere, despite lacking some of the skills and talents that are needed for the running of their business.

And some business owners disregard the possibility of help and support because, in their arrogance, they assume that they know what is best for themselves and their business.

But here’s the thing. Such behaviours are problematic, as their businesses are never going to grow with these mindsets. Running a business with unresolved weaknesses is just asking for trouble, as mistakes will be made. And arrogantly assuming superiority over others is not only misguided, but it’s also alienating to those who are willing to help too. Employee resentments will become commonplace!

So, should you run your own business, ask for help. There is no shame in doing so.

Outsource to other companies, especially when you don’t have the skills or the time to focus on certain tasks alone. By doing so, you can be sure of quality work, as the firms you outsource to are specifically set up to help businesses like yours. A marketing agency will promote your brand image. An accountancy firm will ensure you don’t fall into financial difficulties. And managed IT services will help you to overcome any technical difficulties that could one day cause downtime in your business. So, think about the skills gaps within your business and outsource to the people who could help you. And even if you have the skills within your company, outsource anyway, especially if exhaustion and burnout are likely with the high workloads both you and your employees have to take on. With quality work provided to you, your business reputation will improve, and your business will have the potential to grow.

Ask your employees for help, as there are three very good reasons for doing so. Firstly, know that you might have people on your team who do know better than you. If you are stuck with something, speak to the people around you, as they might have the skills and experiences necessary to help you. Secondly, remember that most of the people who work for you do so because they value your business. With an invested interest in your company then, they will want to see it grow, so turn to your employees for their suggestions on how to move your business forward. And finally, even if you don’t need your employees’ help, ask for their support anyway. This might increase their loyalty to you, as they will feel as if they are helping to make a difference in your company. You can then expect to see their productivity rise, and that can only be good news for your business.

Ask your customers for help, as their positive word-of-mouth will do much to grow your business. So, you might ask them for testimonials to print on your website. You might also ask them to provide customer reviews on business review sites. And you might ask your customers to promote your business on social media, to the thousands of followers they have on their networks. Be sure to reward them for their efforts too, perhaps with a discount or an occasional freebie, to give them an incentive to support and promote your business.

So, don’t be afraid to ask for help, as your business will profit and grow if you do. Consider our suggestions and then put them into action today.

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  1. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or incapacity. Rather it is an indication of profound sincerity and intelligence.
    External aid contributes to increasing our efficiency in making decisions and meeting deadlines. Other people usually have their own “know-how” and solution approaches that can be more effective than ours. If we then ask for help from relatives, friends and colleagues, this allows us to strengthen the bond with them. They enter our world and see that we trust them and rely on them. People like to know that we trust them. And if we ask for help they are happy. Therefore, we should not be ashamed to ask for help when we need it. Ma I would add only some attentions:
    Being open, explaining exactly to the interlocutor why we ask for help. This will allow him to better understand the situation.
    Choosig the right people. Reflecting well on the people we ask for help, based on competence, experience, reliability.
    And, be carefull Don’t forget reciprocity and be grateful.

  2. I grew up never wanting to ask for help because the feeling I often got was that if I’m so smart, how come I didn’t know this or that?

    Fast-forward to old age, and I’ve learned — albeit with much pain — that it’s the wisest thing we can do! Most of us know stuff; we’re smart. But we’re not smart in everything. No one is.

    I realized a long time ago that we ask the wrong question of others and ourselves. We ask this: How smart is he or she?

    What we should be asking is this: How is he or she smart?

    We’re all smart, and often in very different ways. So for me, the village concept finally not only made sense, it became my comfort. Finally, I realized I do not have to — I cannot — know everything.

    All I have to do is surround myself with wonderful others who will fill in the blanks, and who are delighted to do so.