As Source Energy We Choose Growth

How many times in my life have I received opportunities that would help me move forward, but I didn’t proceed? Afraid I wouldn’t be good enough. Believing that only a happy few were able to do it, but not me? Self Doubt and limiting beliefs were the main reasons for the blocks in my life.

Ever since I was a kid I feel incredibly drawn to nature and discovered from an early age that I felt immediate peace when I was in nature. Why was that? I remember watching the tadpoles for hours. Feeling blissfully happy. Or sneaking out of the house at night, driving with my bicycle to the sea, laying on my back at the dyke, gazing at the stars while the gentle rush of the waves made my eyes heavy. Up until this day, I can spend hours and hours sitting on the beach just watching the waves, walking forests, sitting on rocks in the mountains, listening to birds, or whispering leaves. I have learned so much from just being (in) nature, observing, listening to what it has to say.

One lesson I will never forget: As Source Energy We Choose Growth.

There is no mind telling a tree to stop growing. Or a bee suddenly being insecure whether he should carry around nectar or not. Nature just grows. But as the Universe has given us a mind to think and is able to make choices, while a tree is just a tree, it often chooses to keep me small. Afraid of the new. Afraid that it will f*up. But most of all afraid of losing its existence. Even when we consciously realize it is not in our highest good to choose this comfortable relationship overdoing the inner work and learn to love ourselves first instead of receiving validation from another. Choosing this job with a tremendous workload but “safe” income but no satisfaction or joy. Going along with many societal norms and beliefs, because everyone does it, instead of questioning, seeking, following, and trusting our own guidance.

The more time I spend in nature, the more I realized that the mind is just a tiny part of us. Even though our whole society is placing most attention on our Minds, in the entire Universe it’s incredibly small. Once I started to connect more to TrueSelf, (what you may call the soul, your higher self, or Source Energy), than listening to the mind, I started to feel safe. Safe within. Safe to move forward as it was shown to me which way to go, what thing to choose, or when to say “no” to someone. It’s when I – like nature-, choose to move forward, regardless of what my mind would say, that miracles started to happen.

As my energy changed, my relationships with existing loved ones and friends around me changed. Old ones shifted along with me or fell away. New ones in the same energy knocked on my door, more profound than I had ever experienced. I started to feel happy with little things like the stars, the moon, a flower, a butterfly, the sunset, an old building, a reflection in a pool of water, the encounter with an animal, or just being with me. Being my own best friend as I received such incredible insights and messages about life, the Universe, the future I gained more joy, confidence, excitement.

As a highly sensitive person, I didn’t seem to fit in anyone else’s restrictions, rules, office hours, shops with loud music, and beeps. I felt like an outcast not fitting anywhere or with anyone.

Then bigger things started to happen. The right education and job opportunity came on my path that matched me more than any job in the past had done. As a highly sensitive person, I didn’t seem to fit in anyone else’s restrictions, rules, office hours, shops with loud music, and beeps. I felt like an outcast not fitting anywhere or with anyone. But suddenly a world opened up to me with people who like me had struggled to fit into a society that was mainly built from the mind, not the heart. Suddenly I was shown that the Universe had planned all that I am. And all my talents, skills, AND FLAWS were placed in my blueprint and manual ON PURPOSE! Once I learned to recognize when I was in Mind and when I was being True Self, I started to work with it. Encouraged by gorgeous people. Choosing moving forward and growth in every single step of the way.

I could make this essay ten million pages long about my journey back to self, but sometimes words come short to explain. I rather let you experience it for yourself. If you too find yourself at a crossroads. Feeling there must be more than this. Or living your life on purpose already but doubt and fear try to keep you small at times. DM me to schedule a free 15min call. I am happy to show you how it works. It will only take 10-15 minutes in which I will clear one major blockage for you and connect you to your true self.

Why? Because nothing would make me happier than see more people discover their truth and experience the bliss that the Universe had meant for us to be.

With so much love,
Eyra 💋


Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon has a tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. Her journey in discovering the law of the Universe, the words we use, the believes we embedded as our own that create our reality, reflect back in her work through Great Talks, Music, Videos, Film, Articles, and connecting with Your True Self. In all these forms, she invites you to go on a journey with her. To go within and feel. To reconnect with what we truly are; the Universe experiencing itself through You. Being Truth and Love and bringing that into every situation and encounter with other beings. The more we connect to our source self and leave from this space, the more we can start creating a world from the freedom, love, abundance, and serenity that we are.

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