Are Your Complaints a Form of Worship?

I saw an article several years ago that had the premise that complaining is a form of worship. The material compared incessant complaining to prayers. If you think about it, we do put the targets of our complaints on an alter in our minds, and we offer prayers to it through our complaining. I was reminded of this article when I was reading an essay that started with: Dominus in Latin means master or lord. It is the base of the word dominate.

What dominates your thoughts? If posts on social media are any guide, some of you have strong negative feelings that dominate your thoughts.

These thoughts tend to focus on famous people (politicians, spokespeople, celebrities) or groups of people (political organizations, interest groups).

How does allowing your complaint targets to dominate your thoughts help you? It may give you brief comfort through your interjections and expressions, but does it help you in any way, or are you sacrificing your mental well being through your focus on your complaint target?

For those who are religious, prayer is the expression of worship. Complaining has significant similarities. People find comfort in prayer. They fill their minds with positive thoughts, and to the faithful, they fill themselves with God’s Grace. Complaining also fills the mind, but the complaint target can’t offer you anything. Complaining gives the illusion of comfort with the relief that comes with expression but fills the mind with negativity and bitterness.

You choose what dominates your thoughts. You have the right to disagree with people. However, if you let that that disagreement turn into fervent complaining that dominates your thoughts, you are choosing your Dominus (your lord) and putting that person/group on an alter in your mind.

Don’t let your complaint targets dominate your mind.

You are giving them a place of honor in your head that they do not deserve. Focus on the things that you can control. If it is not in your power to change it, don’t put it on an alter in your mind to poison your attitude.

You can achieve so much more if you don’t let complaining dominate your life, and you will get a better reception from those around you. Fill your mind with the positive. Put something positive on a pedestal in your head, not the things you despise.

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Chad C. Betz
Chad C. Betz
Chad C. Betz is a financial services executive with over 20 years of experience, a keynote speaker and the author of "Late Bloomer, It's not too late to succeed!", a highly reviewed book, that uses his experiences and personal stories to demonstrate how people can succeed at any age. He has advised CEOs and coached business people. Chad holds a Master's Degree in Economics. Chad is also a martial artist with black belts in two nontraditional styles and is currently studying Goju Ryu. He is a husband and father of two plus an overweight, prematurely gray dog that reminds him of himself.

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  1. Thank you, Chad for writing and sharing your article. Nothing positive may come of complaining but for some people, it gives them a release or relief. Complaining is not going to change anything but it can have detrimental effects on your health. Prayer is a far more constructive way of getting relief but so many people do not believe it has any value. I hold to the belief that prayer holds so much power.