Are You Too Comfortable in Business to be Effective in The Kingdom?


Your decision to stretch out of your comfort zones and to begin to pursue the reality that your business is your ministry – if you pursue it with dedication and perseverance – will prove to be one of the biggest decisions of your life.  The impact will be enormous.

Here’s just a sample of what others have reported:

1.  A personal sense of freedom and clarity.

“It’s like coming out from under a deep fog – I saw things about Christ and Christianity that I had never seen before. “

2.  A deeper sense of purpose.

Now, your purpose is larger than you had seen it before.  Not only do you have the purpose in common with every other Christian – to know and serve God – but you have a very specific expression of that. Now, you see yourself as the shepherd of your business, with all the responsibilities that come with that.  It is fulfilling at a level you may never have approached.

3.  A closer relationship with God.

From the very beginning of creation, God has ordained business and work as the place in which He would engage with his creation.  You’ll find lots of opportunities to grow closer to Him that you not have recognized before.

4.  A powerful impact on your family.

When you are in sync with God’s will, you’ll find that He blesses you in multiple ways.  You become like a stone thrown into the pond and the ripples of blessing will encompass wide swaths of your life.

5.  You’ll grow as leader, shaping your character, and increasing your personal competency.

6.  A greater impact on the community your business touches.

While your business may never be a Chick-fil-e with impact in communities around the world, you will be a light to the world that your business serves and touches. Someone in the world that your business influences, or maybe hundreds or thousands of people, are looking for something that can believe it.  You’ll be a model to attract some of them.

7.  Recognition for excellence.

Because you’ll implement the God’s wisdom and direction in your business, you’ll eventually create excellence in what you do. The world around you will recognize that and you’ll gain influence with them.

The benefits extend way beyond these few.  You’ll find it to be one of the biggest, most impactful and fulfilling decisions of your life.

Steps in the journey

Begin with repentance and prayer. 

Who you have been is no indication of who you could become.  Let God know you want to change your thinking and engage in bigger ways in the Kingdom.  Bring him into the situation with intentional prayer.

Pray with the expectation that God will answer you. He will direct you in the way that you should go.  As you pray, become more sensitive to His leading, both in the circumstances around you, the people you encounter, and the insights that He gives you.

Feed that small voice of the spirit within you.

Begin to exposure yourself to thinkers, authors and speakers who articulate the principles and practices of a truly Christian business. You will never break out of the comfortable situation as long as you limit your input to the sermons of your local pastor.  There is a whole world of thinkers and writers who can nudge you in the direction of a holistic approach to business and Christianity.

There are dozens of books written on the subject, and a like number of blogs and websites that will feed your spirit.  Check out my own Building Biblical Businesses newsletter.  You may want to consider The Biblical Business Course, which methodically takes you through a series of steps to help you transform your business into a powerful Kingdom entity.  My Christian Business Insights Podcasts are another option.

Surround yourself with like-minded Christian business people. 

There are Christian business people in your community who are challenging the sacred/secular divide in practical and purposeful ways.  You’ll find it incredibly encouraging to rub shoulders with them.

Find a group to belong to who will build you up and hold you accountable.  Almost every city has a local group, and there are several national organizations that provide that environment.  Check out C-12, Convene, [email protected], and my own CBIG (Christian Business Impact Groups).

Begin to implement Christian practices and principles in your business.

In other words, do something.  Act.  At some point, you’ll need to change what you do. Now is the time to take the first step. Implementing Christian practices and principles in your business is a necessary first step.

But it is only a first step.  There is a whole world of practices which mark the degree to which a business is influenced and directed by God. Our Biblical Business Self-Assessment is a free download that will help you see the spiritual impact of your business more objectively, and chart a path to realizing its spiritual potential.

You’ll eventually confront your practices and attitudes in all sorts of practices:

Pricing, your approach to debt, business culture, who and how you hire, goal-setting and planning, etc.  You’ll discover that every decision can and should be colored by your relationship with God.

The impact of your commitment will extend to those around you.  Your family will be blessed, your business will grow in its impact, and you’ll grow closer to God

There is a whole world of personal spiritual growth, and Kingdom impact available to you, when you decide to accept the idea that your business is your ministry, and begin to pursue that vision.

There is a whole world of personal spiritual growth, and Kingdom impact

available to you, when you decide to accept the idea that your business

is your ministry and begin to pursue that vision.


The separation of business from the Kingdom has been one of the most dramatic errors of modern Christianity.  It has caused millions of people to be lost, and Christ denied and ignored across geographies and generations.  It’s time to accept our responsibility to change that.


Dave Kahle
Dave Kahle
YOUR business can be much more than just a money-making enterprise. Helping you achieve that potential is Dave Kahle’s passion. He has been helping business grow for 30 years. The author of The Good Book on Business, he’s written 12 other books, which have been published in eight languages and distributed around the world, and has presented in 47 states and 11 countries. He has personally and contractually worked with over 459 companies, and touched thousands of others through his seminars, speaking engagements, and webinars. You’ll find him challenging your paradigms and prompting you to think more deeply.

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