Are You The Hunter Of Your Dreams?

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone to discover your true self?

These journaling prompts come from today’s reading from Simple Abundance. I picked this book up last Friday at the Lifeline Book Fair and have used it every day since – a wonderful first morning read to raise the vibes to abundance. I love the story that Sarah Ban Breathnach shared the story of May Kingsley who in 1893 went on safari in Africa after the death of her parents to find herself and discover her purpose.To leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. This is when you will discover yourself.

This touched my soul

I will still be powered by love. This comes by opening my heart to love yes listening to my intuition.

I am trusting my intuition to guide me on my new journey. The one I am taking in my business. Yes, I am leaving the city of my comfort. Stepping up to be the Intuitive Creative Businesswoman, putting back on the entrepreneurial hat I wore when I had my very successful textile art business. I will still be powered by love. This comes by opening my heart to love yes listening to my intuition. I can be on the freedom train, empowering myself and empowering at least one person each day to reach in and discover their true purpose and be on their own freedom train.

The one full of love, joy and gratitude.

Of physical health, financial health and inner peace. I’m excited to be writing this and writing my future life. What will my heart whisper to me today, I wonder?

Yes, I woke with a SMILE.
And greeted the day with love and gratitude.
This allows the JOY that comes each day as I take ME TIME.
This creates a life of FLOW.
Where I do choose HAPPINESS as I begin each day.
Excited at what will manifest as I let go of all that has been stopping me over these past few years and now allows me to move forward with total FOCUS.
I am on my true heart path now.
I am creating the life of FREEDOM both within and without.

I love this reading today. It has my heart smiling and bursting with joy. This affirms for me that in trusting and following my intuition, I am honouring my mantra for 2018 of being true to me and staying in the flow.  I am you going on a safari, a new journey. A journey of love, joy, friendship and it is so exciting to be moving closer to the physical health, financial health and inner peace. This is empowering and does create the ripples of change.

What will be your safari? Open your heart to love. Dare to dream again.

All my love, Suzie xo

Maybe you see yourself in this picture?  If so reach out and email me or leave a comment below.


Suzie Cheel
Suzie Cheel
Suzie Cheel is the Abundance Queen. Artist, Healer, Intuitive Transformational Leader and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur. Suzie is passionate about empowering lightworkers, creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs shine their light, step into leadership by being true to themselves, opening their hearts to love and creating wealth in all areas of their lives. Then they can leave legacies of love that create true freedom and peace in the world. Suzie is the creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards that were born out of her own healing journey and help people learn each day to truly love themselves. Find out more at

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