Are You Sabotaging Your Success With Fear?


We, too often, battle with nasty self-talk. We focus on our fears and doubts. Nearly all of us are guilty of exhibiting self-destructive behaviors. It’s easy to sabotage yourself when you’re trying to develop a new habit, losing weight, or building healthy relationships.

Most self-sabotage is the result of fear.

It can be the fear of failing, of succeeding, or of having to perform tasks that make us uncomfortable. We often self-sabotage because we feel intimidated by a big goal, a public recognition, or a sudden success.

Do you have a tendency to sabotage? What kind of fears do you have?

–> Fear is very harmful to our success.

First, we should understand, what fear is. Fear is a kind of self-paralysis. We put on ourselves a kind of pressure, that prevents us from succeeding. We are anxious and afraid of acting. Fear is a kind of chain reaction in the brain. It begins with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals, that can cause a racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, and much more.

There are many kinds of fear.

The fear of …

  1. … inadequacy
  2. … failure
  3. … rejection
  4. … missing out
  5. … change
  6. … not being good enough
  7. … losing control
  8. … being judged
  9. … something bad happening
  10. … getting hurt
  11. … the unknown
  12. … taking risks
  13. … we might not deliver or live up to expectations
  14. … letting people down
  15. … trusting someone / intimacy
  16. … that it is or never will be enough
  17. … success
  18. … the consequences
  19. … a decision


  1. … death


How can we overcome such fear?

We should look at our fears from another angle. Instead of seeing fear as something, that stops us from doing the things to move forward and achieving our goals, we should harness it as a fuel to excel.

–> Try to understand your fears!

–> Learn to tackle your fears!

–> Go after them!

–> Harness them!

–> Learn to overcome them!

Visualize worst-case scenarios, in detail, that you fear, preventing you from taking action so that you can take action to overcome that paralysis. Create a piece of paper, where you write down sentences beginning with

“What if …?”.

For example:

“What if I would meet a stranger, that attacks me personally?” Develop some scenarios to get a good feeling for what blocks your success. Exploring possible outcomes is a useful mental exercise. Write down all the bad things, you can imagine happening to you. What could your worst failure look like? Imagine the scenario in your head and take note of your feelings. Then create a piece of paper, where you write down sentences, how you could prevent these scenarios.

For example:

“What could I do, when a stranger attacks me personally?” The key is getting an awareness of what scares us. Our biggest challenges and problems we face will never be solved by suppressing our fears.

–> Defining our fears is often more important than defining our goals.

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

—Dale Carnegie

In Buddhist teaching, they tell us “invite your fear to tea”.


We often sabotage our success with our fears. Self-sabotage will always be there. It is a natural mechanism of the brain that aims for protection.

What we can do is identify and work past these behaviors in order to reach our full potential.

We should learn to tackle and define our fears.

Defining our fears is often more important than defining our goals.


Karin Sebelin
Karin Sebelin
ENTREPRENEUR, Author, Contributing Writer, Personal Branding Coach for "Becoming a Key Person of Trust (KPT)", Trust Expert, Motivational Speaker Karin has been a successful entrepreneur since 2011 – she sees trust as the foundation for happiness. She began her career as CEO of Presse-Service Karin Sebelin and had huge success on the English platform Ecademy with blogging, engagement, and collaboration. She coaches (beginning) entrepreneurs on trust and branding and shows them how to become a "Key Person of Trust (KPT)". She has published her 4th book about trust and branding with the title THE NEXT REVOLUTION IN BRANDING - BECOMING A KEY PERSON OF TRUST.

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  1. This is so helpful to me at this time in my life. I finished a book a year ago but I’m so afraid to publish it because of my fears. I’m going to write down each one and how to overcome them. Thank you for such though provoking material.


  2. Fear is actually a choice. Without realizing it, we accept fear as if it were a normal aspect of life. I do not mean that fear is not part of the normal actions (and reactions) of the human being, but we cannot become prisoners of it.