There’s a saying that goes ‘you either live to work or work to live,’ and it’s important that you work out how you feel about your job sooner rather than later. If you wake up feeling refreshed, excited and ready for the challenges your career brings then, chances are you’re fairly happy at work but what happens when all that fades? Feeling tired? Disillusioned? Or confused? Do you spend your time clock watching? It may be necessary to have an honest conversation with yourself about your chosen profession and whether you still enjoy the work that you do.

You Think You Could Be Doing Something Better

In today’s fragile economy many of us fall into the trap of thinking that any job is better than no job at all but is that the case? By overcoming your fears of failing, unemployment, and rejection, you could have the chance to do something you actually love. Deciding to leave your current role and apply for something new in a different field, or entirely different career will take courage, determination, and confidence, but you could end up with opportunities you’d never dreamed of before. For example, if you love nutrition, cooking healthy recipes, helping people, and keeping fit, as well as the chance to work for yourself you could check out fitness courses that could see you qualify as a fitness instructor, nutritionist or personal trainer.

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You’re Always Sick And Tired

One of the first ways you can tell that you’re no longer happy in your role is how you feel about Sunday nights. Most of us accept that the new working week is just around the corner, we do need to get up for work Monday morning, and once we’re there, it probably won’t be that bad. However, if you feel sick, scared or just fed up every Sunday night, there’s a clear sign something’s not right. If you’re overstressed, a bad fit for your role or just plain bored your body will let you know from insomnia, nausea, and headaches to aches, pains or exhaustion. If possible, try and take a few days leave to see if you just needed a little break or if you’re after a permanent change.

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Who You Are Doesn’t Mesh With The Role

Surprisingly, humans are excellent at adapting to different situations and that includes producing outstanding quality work even though we hate the subject. If you know yourself to be a creative individual more suited to writing, drawing or graphics, yet you find yourself writing sales reports, presenting data and holding marketing conferences you may be fooling yourself into thinking that’s ok as it’s an advertising environment.The problem with this is that you may be waiting for a transfer to a different department, which may never happen if you’re good at your job, or you don’t have real passion or energy for the product, service or business that you’re working for. This then lowers enthusiasm and has you operating on autopilot. Everyone deserves to have their skills, qualities and attributes rewarded so if you’re not getting the recognition you deserve, or you think someone else would do a better job don’t be afraid to speak up.


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