Are You Ready?

Take my hand.
We will walk.
We will only walk.
We will enjoy our walk without thinking of arriving anywhere.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

In a world awash with “coaches” we have been trained to look for the best and brightest offer, the quick fix, a life hack, or even a guaranteed formula for success…

This is not reality, merely something to hide behind. This is often why people pay good money and end up nowhere.

In my experience the online promises based on their USP, fails to put the client, that’s you, in the focus and invariably are really a vehicle for the coach’s ego to be front and centre…

The weekly meetings where the majority of the hour is used up retelling your their story, latest achievements, etc etc

You know who you are…

And yet there is hope some highly intuitive, attentive souls who always put you first and use compassionate inquiry as their raison d’etre, who value listening rather than talking and the journey over the destination. Honouring what is presenting itself rather than adhering to a preordained checklist…

If we can let go of expectations, replacing them with acceptance.

If we can dig down deep into our vulnerability.

If we can lean into our fears and explore that hidden trauma at the core,

We can, together;

Let down the mask,

Place unconditionality in our hearts,

Allow a beginners mind(set) to flourish

Create real change, not just in ourselves, but in the world around us.

Now is the time to say yes

Sometimes the journey with no destination offers us the greatest #joy

Are you ready?


Rhys Thomas
Rhys Thomas
I work with individuals who have suffered a traumatic experience in their lifetime, who no longer wish to have it impact their mental health, their relationships with others and dictate how they show up in this world. When you show up as your #truself you’re empowered by that inner voice, you let go of attachment and judgement, are free to move beyond fear and expectation, to truly manifest your dreams into reality. There remains a taboo around the word trauma and many people when asked might assume the defensive and say, “not me”, for fear of how this may be perceived by others, but every single one of us has faced adversity at some time which has either built us up or broken us down. Personality traits, behaviour patterns, belief structures all stem from our past experiences but coping mechanisms forged in the fire only ever weigh us down, lead to more pain and deny our #truself from returning. The truth is it’s not the incident itself which is the real trauma it is the response to it and the resulting impact you allow it to have on your life and those around you, from that point forward, which does the real harm. Choosing curiosity over fear, self-compassion over self-judgement and acceptance over denial are the first steps we use to break down the protective walls which were once built up for protection, but which ultimately keep us stuck living out familiar storylines and conforming to a pale imitation of our #truself. Having studied many different modalities and practices during my own journey including kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation, indigenous ancient wisdoms, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and loving awareness, Buddhist psychology, Vedic scripture and astrology, Zen practices and Taoist philosophy, I am uniquely blessed to help guide you along this path of your awakening and reconnecting you with your #truself. Founder of #truself Coaching; 1:1 and Mastermind Groups; Workshop/Retreats Designer, Facilitator, Trainer, Guide; Bespoke Corporate Wellbeing Programmes; Online Community Builder; Writer and Content creator – Holistic Wellbeing, Mental Health, Mindfulness; #TNT 2.0 Podcast Host – Exploding the Status Quo on Leadership (100+ episodes) Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor. Previous: 18+ years in Corporate Sales and Executive Search in UK and APAC regions.

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  1. Thank you for this excellent essay as I have personally been “scammed” by those who shoved me into a funnel for their profit with out even delivering on their promises. I am trusting I had my last encounter with that fear/flattery model of sales. I find offering value upfront and always asking meaningful questions remains the approach aligned with my values. Plus, I refuse to use fear/flattery or bragging or shove an agenda at a person. Listening remains such an important skill. I am ready. I have been ready for this shift for a long time… When you honor that another person has the answers inside of them, you will focus on them-and asking really great questions-mirroring back to them their own words and wisdom– which allows them to continue to unlock their own truths and right actions!

    • Beautiful 🤩 I love this response so genuine and from the heart, like all your writing Laura, thank you for adding such value to these words I felt called to share 🙏❤️

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