Are You Mighty Curious About Little Signs from The Universe?

–Scared Can Become Sacred

When I started noticing the little details in my life, the joy of living reappeared big time. And I became mighty curious of what life can be beyond the mirage. We are living in such interesting times!

Little details? Yes, things like the number 13 appearing in all important moments for instance. What does 13 mean? I have no idea! I’ve never been into Kabbalah or numbers, but I do start noticing. Does anybody know why 13?

Another one is a typo in my latest design for our think-and-do-tank Abundanism. I wanted to say sacred. And it came out as scared. I laughed. The Universe, Gaia, Nature is such a silly trickster. And she always talks to us in riddles.

Of course, I’m scared. At times, I’m scared shitless! But I know, I just know that life flows so much easier when I can tap into my curious, joyful energy of knowing everything is alive and sacred.

Word jokes. Numbers. Little things I notice since I’ve become aware of stuff.

They say ‘the devil is in the details’. Well, for me it’s pure magic. Pure joy. Pure laughing with the Gods on how evolution is playing out at this moment in time. I see way more than I did with just my rational brain. I understand way more by now.

The devil is in the details.


Because I’m a bilingual writer, I often Google little phrases to see if the context is understandable for my English-reading audience. And what does Wikipedia say about ‘the devil is in the details’? I thought it would be about how perfectionism can get you off course. How details can muddle things up. But it can’t have been further from what I thought.

“The devil is in the details” is an idiom alluding to a catch or mysterious element hidden in the details. Something might seem simple at a first look but will take more time and effort to complete than expected. It comes from the earlier phrase “God is in the details”, expressing the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly; that is, details are important.”  –Wikipedia  

Wow, this is interesting. What do I see?

  • Whenever something gets mysterious, feminine, tangled, unexplained rationally, we call it The Devil
  • God is details (expertise, specialism) and if you are connecting the dots, finding the connections, understanding how living systems work, how Nature works, you are studying The Devil
  • You need time and effort to come from Devil to God

And I know, I just know I’m on the right path with my life and my writing. The new era is about connecting the dots, making space for Universal wisdom to come in via intuition. Mystery is how we will create more and better than was already there. And don’t think we need hard labor to do it.

Maybe the time for mindlessly doing is over and the time for mindfully being has arrived?


One more then. The other day I knew, I just knew I had to write about how we are going from the Anthropocene to the Syntropocene. I looked up syntropy. And in biology, it is the term for how a rib grows.

“A formation of a series of similar parts having the same orientation (such as the ribs)” –Wiktionary

Wow, this is interesting. What do I see?

  • I always explained Syntropy as the moment a river starts flowing. At first, it is a chaos full of vortexes. Then it becomes a full stream going in one direction, the horizon. This is the moment of time we are living in. The shift from chaos to flowing in one direction
  • Google gives me ribs. Ribs? Why ribs? My first association is that in Christianity, Eve is created from Adam’s rib

And I know, I just know that we need ribs back into our lives. Femininity. Mystery. Intuition. Emotion. So, I spend my life rewilding our soils and our souls. Knowing that we will make progress. We will learn how to create living systems instead of the dead ones we try to hold on to now so badly.

Nature has all the answers. And the Universe shows us with little signs.

And I just don’t need to know it all rationally. I have made my biggest progress by leaning into the not-knowing. The mystery is too big anyway! Just give me 13, some sacred, and a rib and I’ll figure out the rest of the puzzle pieces with my feet standing in the sea.

How I love my life of nature-connection, curiosity, and wonder!


Désirée Driesenaar
Désirée Driesenaar
I'm a bilingual writer and project member in regenerative projects. I explore, inspire, and educate about new economy, ecology, entrepreneurship, regeneration, and science to understand where we're going in the evolution. How to ensure that our great-great-grandchildren will have a healthy Planet to live their lives on. New narratives will change current toxic human systems into true living systems, in line with Natural laws. I’m always curious. Just radical, friendly, curious me. My old mum, two bonus-daughters, and three bonus-grandsons live in The Netherlands. My husband and I live a nomadic life, going to projects where we are asked to contribute. Sharing online and in books about our insights and adventures. And I just love to write. Reality. Fiction. Poetry. When my fingers craft the words, I’m happy… My work has been published in Cosmopolitan (fiction), many anthologies, magazines, and on Medium. My drive is to enlighten. And inspire. My professional contributions to the world vary from being an external advisor to the EU Commission to putting my hands in healthy soil to writing poetry and beyond. In my view, we are going from the Anthropocene where humans tried to rule the planet, to the Syntropocene where we give the ruler role back to Gaia. Nature. The Universe. And learn how to play our own wise role in the evolution. As a humble (and smart) part of Nature.

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