Are You Feeling Worrisome Thoughts and Fears?

No one can dispute that there is a lot to worry about these days.

In today’s Mindful Moment, I encourage you to notice how often you drop into a state of worry today and this week.

Worry is an emotional state we consciously and unconsciously do. If you explore your programming on worry, many folks actually think if we are not worrying about someone or something we are invested in, then we don’t care.    Furthermore, we may believe a person has their head in the clouds or is not in touch with reality if they choose a mindset other than worry.

Worriers believe they are doing good by protecting themselves and others from danger or calamity. Furthermore, because we are so good at thinking of many different scenarios/risks, we end up being right sometimes, and that only fuels the need to worry.

But in reality, worry impedes the process of manifestation of what you want and robs you of experiencing any contentment or joy in the present moment.

Worry only increases anxiety and a negative mindset in the worrier and those around him/her/them.

This week I encourage you to live self-aware of the moments you drop into a state of worry. In those moments, choose instead to take some intentional breaths, be the observer of your worry with a curious and open mind and ask yourself, “How is this serving me or others?

Encourage the body to relax, release the worry mindset, and choose instead to create thoughts aligned with what you want to happen or what you desire to experience.   Remember, you have a choice of what you think and feel. Be the Master of your thoughts, not a victim to them!

Worry doesn’t create what you want; it only draws to your awareness more of what you don’t want and robs you of feeling at peace in the present moment. 

Do you need help with a habitual and chronic state of worry?   My coaching program, Pathway way to Inner Peace~ Featuring the 4 R Method can assist you in releasing negative worrisome thoughts and creating more productive and peaceful thoughts. Learn how by reaching out to me below.

Mindfully yours,



Nancy Gentle Boudrie
Nancy Gentle Boudrie
For 35 years, Nancy has helped Business Owners and Corporations peak perform and create exponential success. Whether setting up safety programs in the transportation industry or creating multi-million-dollar independent insurance agencies, one of which was her own, Nancy has been assisting business professionals and organizations in creating seven-figure success. Most recently, for the last 15-plus years, Nancy found her true passion and purpose in coaching company leaders and employees to manage high levels of stress and navigate the unprecedented challenges facing today’s organizations. She uniquely blends her entrepreneurial business knowledge with her training in mindset skills such as Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Naropa University’s Mindful Leadership Training. Nancy teaches business professionals to be creative, innovative, and resilient during challenges to create a life of design, not one of default. Furthermore, she assists organizations in increasing morale, profitability and reducing workman’s comp claims and absenteeism by implementing programs that support employee engagement by improving mental and emotional mindset. Nancy’s passion for sharing her message, special talents, and unique gifts have also included hosting two successful Radio/Podcast shows as well as the releasement of a guided meditation CD, sold on iTunes, called Awaken With Light ~Welcome Inner Balance. Furthermore, she is considered a gifted expert in various energy modalities such as Usui Reiki as a Master/Teacher and Integrative Energy Therapy. Nancy loves giving back to her community and church. She is a volunteer for Penn Medicine, and Neighborhood Health as a reiki practitioner and grief counselor. She is also proud to serve as a reiki practitioner and mindset coach to women battling breast cancer through a nonprofit organization called Unite for Her.

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