Are You Dimming Your Light?

I was already good enough. Like YOU are. For me, it led to severe illness and pain. An acidic lifestyle will do that, meaning every negative thought, trauma, crappy food, stressful situation and fear you face will affect your health. If you are afraid to shine know this: Everything we experience in our physical, emotional and mental body reflects on how well we shine. How small we play, how we are dimming our light, altering our expression and holding ourselves back from thriving. Especially us women. Holy Crap do we dim!

How do you shine your true self?

Start by looking at the way you look at life. What do you see when you glance into your future? Abundance and peace, joy and adventure? Or do you fill your plate with worry and fear?

Here is a short checklist:

  • Are you setting goals for your future?
  • Are you planning the year from your heart?
  • Are you learning something new?
  • Are you doing forgiveness and gratitude work?
  • Do you have a positive outlook?
  • Are you expressing your true self?
  • Are you authentic?
  • Do you do what you love?

You get the idea. The list is endless. The idea is to have this conversation with yourself and to realize that how YOU live is always better when you allow yourself to shine. Let go of that which doesn’t serve you. The fears, the ideas of not being enough and the bull crap that life and health is too hard. No reason will ever be good enough for YOU not anticipating YOUR amazing future, being the best version of YOU.

Believe me, I have heard them all. The explanations, the reasons and the lack of faith and motivation.

The lack of enthusiasm and motivation are large killers.

They will cloud your vision. Lead you to believe you are not good enough, not able, not worthy, and not at all a force of power.

A big fat lie.

As you look into the future, creating it through how you feel in the NOW, remember to aim high. To dream BIG, and to lean into your highest potentials. Never holding yourself back. THAT will be a disservice to this world.

Had I listened to those around me when I was at my lowest low, I would most likely be dead. I had a vision, a faith and a will to explore that which was larger than my fear of pain, being alone and dying. I walked tall although that light was too bright for many. And although I feared judgment I kept on walking, knowing I would never be my best self by fearing my own strengths.

My WHY was huge.

Find yours.

My motivation was fueled by life-enthusiasm. I was hungry for LIFE and I still am.

Believe me, YOU are worth it! Shining brighter, feeling more confident, LIVING what YOU are here to live is what real health is all about. Healing the world.


What the world needs.

More light.

Hilde Larsen
HILDE Larsen, known as the one who Inspires, is the owner and founder of Inspired by Hilde. She is a certified Health and Success Coach, a Raw Food Teacher, an Author and a Certified Detox Specialist. She is an Inspirational keynote speaker, a Blogger, and has her own YouTube channel. She is the author of three published books: From HELL to Inspired, Know The Truth and Get Healthy and No More Bullshit. She also creates online video programs and has her own membership site Inspired Members. Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of 29 years have a second home in Florida, USA. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a tree hugger at heart. Called by nature and spirit, she is inspiring many to take back their power. She is highly intuitive and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world. Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work.


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