Are You Attentive To Your Priorities?

Attract The Right Job Or Clientele: 

All too often, others will attempt to distract or discourage you from proceeding with your vision, but it is essential that you remain attentive to your priorities. Otherwise, goals and accomplishments stay on the sidelines. Meanwhile, guilt can consume you about whether to say no or oblige, only to realize that you empower those who reposition your activities.

A positive mindset plus the willingness to believe in yourself is what will empower you, your desire for goals to achieve, and help see everything through to the end.

My Story: Weighing the Pros and Cons

The ongoing requests to help others are non-ending; I advocate doing so, but not at an unacceptable price. A collaborative approach to business and a helping hand in life are beneficial to many, not just one. On the other hand, some make requests that will eat up my time and distract me from my purpose. Therefore, I consider the asks from multiple angles to realize whether the request is from only their perspective or hold meaning for all parties.  

Speaking up as we diplomatically assert ourselves is essential for our life purpose and achieving what we set out to do. I will do everything I can to support another should we align in our thinking. The caution, however, is that I review my schedule to ensure I can carry out the commitment to the best of my ability.  

Worse than saying, no, is to say, ‘Yes!’ and then not deliver 100%.

Each morning, I review my task list for what needs to get done that day. They are my priorities because once they are complete, I can then work on the meaningful projects that one day will help fulfill my purpose. I let go of the distractions long ago as they were blatantly interfering with my work. The lesson was mine to be well-aware of the need to be attentive to our priorities and be relentless in the pursuit we want to own.

Every time we agree to an arrangement, our reputation and trust are on the line. Upon saying yes, it is essential to verify that the values and goals align with ours. Every new project or activity spreads evidence of our brand. Our audience and prospective clients will review our connections, activities, and whether we align with all our communications. 

On occasion, one person may make repeated requests that can become highly annoying. The better strategy is never to lose our cool, but instead, offer a thank you for reaching out with the opportunity suggestion. My next step is to politely turn down the request as I relay that my long-term projects do not allow me to make the time commitment.  

I go the extra step of wishing the person success. The idea is to avoid poor word of mouth at every twist and turn. It’s also important to note that the same person may provide a new opportunity to be a good match down the road. Keeping doors open is the better policy for people who work similarly.

To the best of our ability, timely delivery encourages repeat business, referrals, and testimonials – all of which contribute to The Smooth Sale.  

Your Story:  Are You Attentive To Your Priorities?

Every day take the time to revisit your purpose, long-term goal, and short-term goals to remind yourself why you are here and doing the work you set out to accomplish. At the same time, be aware of new technology developments, business news, and how the two may affect or enhance your work. Most of all, be attentive to your priorities!

Two other reasons it is critical to be on top of time management are: time is short, and unforeseen issues can stall your projects. There is no room for allowing others to hold you back. And sometimes, a break for relaxation becomes a necessity. Accordingly, it is best to continually monitor what lies ahead each day, month, quarter, and year. Tracking all of these goals will eventually lead you to your long-held vision of what you want to accomplish ultimately.

Consider past events; did you:

  • Allow others to use up your valuable time?
  • Agree to put the projects of others ahead of your own?
  • Regret that you did not relentlessly focus on your work to achieve the success that you seek?

It’s never too late to change habits or course of action. Should the above insights speak to you, find time ASAP to reset your long-term vision and apply the goals that will strategically help you achieve them. Habits can either hold a person back or enable you to move forward full steam ahead. The choice is yours, and avoid living with regret.

Take control of what you want to achieve in your life and go after with all your energy. It’s the only way to prove you are attentive to your priorities and see them become a reality.

Sales Tips: Attentive To Your Priorities

  1. Commit to your ultimate vision of accomplishment.
  2. Consider the habits you may need to change.
  3. Monitor the requests you receive and the percentage of acceptances.
  4. Review whether all requests worked out well or stalled achievements you want to see.
  5. Replay the conversation to determine if the party put pressure on you to accept the arrangement.
  6. Admit if you are reluctant to speak up; if yes, then take a public speaking class.
  7. Learn to be diplomatically assertive when the time calls for it.
  8. Listen for underlying potential issues in a request of you to ask further questions.
  9. Verify all outside factors to know whether to accept or decline an invitation.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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Elinor Stutz
Elinor Stutz
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