Are You A Winner?

Are you a winner? “At what?” you may be asking.

It doesn’t really matter what specifically.  This question applies to just about any task you’re undertaking, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional.

See Yourself as a Winner

You must see yourself as a winner, even before you begin. If you’re in the middle of a project right now, begin to see yourself as a winner. You must have the mindset that you’re going to win even before you start.

Why is it so important to think of yourself as a winner even before you begin?

“Your thoughts are the source of your emotions and mood. The conversations you have with yourself can be destructive or beneficial. They influence how you feel about yourself and how you respond to events in your life.”

Barbara Fredrickson

Professor Barbara Fredrickson, a social psychologist from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, who did extensive research on the power of positive thinking, linked emotions to thoughts. She likened positive emotions to nutrients that expand your field of vision. I especially like this quote from her research in speaking about positive mindsets, “these broadened mindsets carry indirect and long-term adaptive benefits because broadening builds enduring personal resources, which function as reserves to be drawn on later to manage future threats.”

Mohammed Ali

Every fight that he went into, he saw himself as a winner, despite what the pundits said.  This gave him the confidence to do what no one thought he could and go where no one else thought he would.

I couldn’t help but think of the boxer, Mohammed Ali. When I was growing up I would hear on the radio or see in the newspaper, where he would repeatedly say, “I am the Greatest!”  Having been taught not to be boastful or think too much of yourself, I felt he was exactly that. Boastful. As an adult, I recognized it was more than that.  It was important to always see himself as a winner.  Every fight that he went into, he saw himself as a winner, despite what the pundits said.  This gave him the confidence to do what no one thought he could and go where no one else thought he would. I am not a fan of boxing or any aggressive sport, yet I could not help but be impressed with Mohammed Ali’s positive attitude and self-talk as evidenced in this video.  Warning: Not for the faint-hearted!

What will you take away from this message?  Will you be determined to see yourself as a winner even before you begin?  It takes practice to incorporate positive self-talk that overrides any negativity. Start with creating simple affirmations that you write in the present tense and say aloud.


? “I am a Winner”
? “I achieve success in everything I do”
? “I have the knowledge to succeed.”

So, in conclusion, see yourself as a winner even before you start, and create positive affirmations to encourage you to develop a positive mindset and positive self-talk to override any negative thoughts that pop up from time to time.


Yvonne A. Jones
Yvonne A. Jones
YVONNE is a Personal Business Coach | Relationship Marketing Strategist| Amazon Best-Selling Author| International Speaker. She is the Founder of the 50 and Wiser Community on Facebook – a Group of women who want to DO more, GIVE more, and BE more. As a certified Strategy and Accountability Coach, she helps Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Small Business Owners eliminate limiting beliefs, create a business they love, and have fun doing so. Her favorite client is a highly-motivated woman 50 and Wiser who has been in business for approximately one year and is ready to empower herself and move to the next level. Yvonne’s background is in banking, Human Resources, administration, and Customer Service. At 52 years she handed in her resignation and walked away from Corporate America to start her own business full-time. She has experienced the joys and challenges of owning multiple businesses. She was listed on as one of the “Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter” and on “One of the Top 15 Most Influential Customer Service Experts to Follow on Twitter.” Despite the recognition and promotions received while in corporate life in Jamaica and America, she now considers herself “unemployable” due to her love of being her own boss and inspiring others to pursue their passion and dreams. Yvonne’s mantra: “Focus on relationships; the money will follow.”

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  1. Yvonne, such a wonderful article. I so agree that the words we think and say to ourselves define who we are and determine our success in all aspects of our lives. I also grew up during Mohammed Ali’s reign in the sport of boxing. Actually, he lived very near to my childhood home. And although I am also not a boxing fan or of any sport that is violent, I do appreciate how with his self talk, not just to himself LOL, he enhanced his success! Thank you for sharing your insights. Blessings of gratitude. Ilene ~ The Heart Healer

  2. Great post Yvonne. I think a pre requisite to being a winner is to know that affirmations in the hope of a quick fix are not conducive to a winning mind set. “Start with the end in mind” is for me the best starting point and one that leads me and my thoughts to my ultimate goals. They may not arrive overnight, but they do arrive eventually.

  3. Excellent! I love the reference to Mohammed Ali. I remember him well from my youth and now more fully appreciate the mindset used for his success. I also read your bio. Having just turned 52 this year my goal is to escape Corp USA. You are a role model….and I can be successful at achieving my goals because I am a winner!

    • Raissa, Thank you for you beautiful comment. My father was a boxing fan and he listened, on the radio, to all of his boxing matches so I got to hear them. Of course, my mother was not pleased. ?

      If I can inspire you to take that leap, I’m happy. After you’ve done your research and created your plan, you’ll know when the time is right for you.

  4. This was such a timely message Yvonne. I always get a lot from your article and I am so happy to see you on this platform and to share more of your writing. recently I have not been fair to myself. I often under-estimate my abilities and I too often listen to my inner-critic…I drive my daughter nuts…lol Honestly she always calls me out when I do that ;) This video was so powerful! Thank you for sharing this article and I will return to it so that I can follow your resources and links.

    • Nathalie, It makes me happy to know you enjoy reading my articles and learning from them. I m delighted to be on this journey with you and look forward to continuing to share your work with others to inspire them and myself to discover our creative side, or let it shine more brightly.

  5. Yvonne A. Jones, I can tell from your article that you are a winner. I agree with your insights because ‘truth be told,’ we are what we believe and think, just as we are what we eat and drink, and what we think is food for thought. Our mindset often determines an outcome, and positive thoughts are the first step to Manifesting a Positive Result. Yvonne, please allow me to be one of the first to say,” Welcome to the BIZCAT360 Family. If you are here, you are a winner.”

    • Kathleen, your comments and observations are highly appreciated. I especially like, “…what we think is food for thought.” It really is like food or nourishment for the mind. If we fail to cultivate positive thoughts (food for the mind), we’ll not have a healthy mindset.

      Thank you for the warm welcome!