Are We Co-Creators of Our Lives?

Dedicated to all the women out there, I salute you for being YOU!

I have many battle scars recovering from life’s unending struggles. I’ve learned at a young age to slay villains, demons, monsters & my own internal dragons.  Whilst standing tall amidst these dark nights of the soul periods, there were times I silently yearned to be rescued by a saviour or hero.

When calamity strikes my natural disposition is to seek solutions or alternatives to grow through whatever was/is in my path.

I showed up as a heroine across my social, professional & family circles. Unawares I was co-creating how others perceived or treated me. This resulted in hardly anyone showing up during many of my darkest hours of need.

Even through these tumultuous times, my energy was redirected towards helping anyone other than myself. I had no inclination that this behaviour was an adaptation, deeply rooted from a conditioned narrative and a wounded trauma response.

I felt alone, abandoned & often lonely, even with many people around me who naturally gravitated towards my magnanimous personality.

Well my personality, or rather personal reality, became one where I often felt bitter. Little did I realise my need to keep the peace, and take care of everyone’s wellbeing, was not in service to me or others.  I found myself reactive, silently harbouring resentment, disappointment & sheer disgust. How could those near & dear not see or appreciate I needed reciprocation for how I served them?

Having two life-defining experiences, a retrenchment & more recently a conscious uncoupling (divorce), very few people came to my aid. Fast track today, navigating being a single mom of 3 with 2 teenagers, has its fair share of challenges. There are feelings of isolation with no one to turn to.

I value the gift of these very important experiences which bring forth many life lessons. Somehow I could not see this clearly before.

You see, the universe will give us the push we need to step out of feeling like a victim. Where we are deeply entrenched in seeing only barriers & obstacles, almost blinded by them. It forces us to first accept our hero’s journey quest, to conquer the adaptations we assumed from our childhood. These vary from I’m not good enough, I don’t belong, Who am I to think I can be great, I have to be the good girl, I’m the black sheep…

When we finally connect to our authentic truth, we unveil the many personas we’ve been shackled by for years. This is when the hero’s no longer refuse the call, stepping courageously out of their ordinary world into the fearful unknown. 

This is what women do daily, each day approaching uncertainty, yet forging ahead valiantly amidst the volatility they face in life.

So whilst we are indeed co-creators in our lives, we can create a life design by fully embracing who we are at our core. Acknowledging ourselves for just how far we’ve journeyed, & continuing the cycle over and over again.


Aneesa Theron
Aneesa Theron
I am privileged to have exposure across diverse roles during my professional career, enhancing my body of knowledge across various industries. My endeavour is to become an innovative professional, serving others who are working towards self-leadership and mastery. Professionally, I qualified as an executive coach with Results Coaching System™, the flagship Educational Program of the Neuroleadership Institute. The Results Coaching System™ delivers unique brain-based, process focussed, and outcome-driven methodologies and frameworks that empower individuals, organisations, leaders, and managers to facilitate positive change and maximise effectiveness. Results Coaching System™ is accredited by the International Coach Federation. I continued to enrich my coach training with NeuroGym, a Step-By-Step, Brain training program produced by John Assaraf & world-renowned scientists & experts to improve your life. Applied Neuroscience & Neuropsychology with evidence-based techniques that are found in all NeuroGym’s products. These include Cognitive Priming; Success Meditation; Visualization; Guided Hypnotherapy; Subliminal Programming; Behavioural Modification. Programs Completed are Winning the Game of Money; Mastering financial goal achievement; Mastering your Mindset.  I graduated with a Post Grad Honours in Management at UCT Graduate School of Business. In addition, I completed multiple courses in the field of leadership through the University of Stellenbosch & Leadership Management International (LMI). 

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful response Lynn. Today I can attest that these experiences were in and of itself gifts that keep on giving. I’ve become stronger and more aware, having radical compassion towards myself, then equally to those who were not able to show up during my times of need. I am much more empowered, which is priceless and I’m immensely grateful!

  2. Anees strong thoughts on paper for sure, I wish I could have been there to help through those tumultuous times., that I certainly can relate to. Continue to get stronger and trust and allow yourself to forge ahead no matter what. Stay true to what you feel makes you who you are.