Anxiety— You Can Lose It

Feeling anxious?

Imagine habitually feeling calm and cool, even quietly excited, as you anticipate what’s around the corner. Removing your anxiety could be a real game-changer for you. Let’s look at what causes you to be anxious and what you can do to turn it around…

What Causes You to Be Anxious?

We feel anxious when we imagine what we don’t want to happen, happening. Food for thought, isn’t it?

  • Recall something you’re currently feeling anxious about
  • What are you imagining is going to happen?

Notice how that’s not your ideal outcome.

Shift Your Focus

You’ll feel calm, cool, even quietly excited, about what’s around the corner when you focus on what you want to happen, happening.

It really is that easy.

  • Right now, recall the thing you’ve been feeling anxious about
  • And immediately think about your ideal outcome for that situation.

Keep your ideal outcome in mind for at least 15-seconds… Think about what’ll be happening—where you’ll be—what your surroundings will look like—what you’ll hear—how you’ll feel. Notice how calm and confident you feel when you focus on your ideal outcome.

Nice ?

Your Call to Action

The trick to easily removing your anxiety is to be alert to how you feel as you move through your day. When the slightest bit of anxiety creeps in—quickly turn it around by focusing on your ideal situation. (Baby emotions are easier to deal with than grown-up ones.) It is an easy process—and when you use it consistently, you’ll develop a reliable habit of feeling calm, cool and quietly excited.

It’ll be worth it.

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