Angels of the Forest

–Guided by True Self

Oh deer! Beautiful and gentle souls. Angels of The Forest.
The message of deer is to stay in truth, which is love.
Not the kind of love that comes from Hollywood, but Universal love.
Look into its big beautiful brown eyes. Mirrors of the Soul. It melts frozen hearts and turns demons into big fluffy teddy bears as they too will recognize their true essence in the eyes of deer.

I love to be guided by my intuition or what some call Higher, or True Self. She sometimes (often)… ALWAYS (!) knows better than the mind and so, when my colleague Jennifer challenged me to just be SOUL-LED during the month of October I was all in for it. Soul led, means no plans. No upfront planned direction, just be guided. Not by an impulse from the mind like seeing an advertisement about a yummy ice cream and go get one, but an impulse from a higher perspective. Something in your Highest Good.

My higher led me to take the car today and just drive and told me at the very last moment I left the house to bring my camera. Boy am I happy I did! It led me to a forest where I haven’t been for ages and I had no clue how to get there. As an impulse from the Mind, I wanted to take my phone for navigation but TS said; “Don’t! You have me!” And so, I drove and drove and waited for instructions. And within 20 minutes without one time taking a wrong exit or road I got to the parking I was looking for.

Photo by Eyra Moon

Once I stepped out, I looked around for the main entrance of the forest, but my attention was drawn to a narrow path between the bushes. I was not half in or I heard branches break. There he was. With his big beautiful dark brown eyes and furry coat. He ever so gently looked at me. It was love at first sight. Afraid that he would run away, I tried to blend my energy into the surroundings. He looked at me for quite some time before he continued his way. Trusting I wouldn’t hurt him for the world. My heart was in immediate bliss. Led by my inner TomTom I moved on and found two more males. Later at a T split, I asked “left or right”.

It didn’t take long before I received another insight to take the bicycle path instead of the footpath “and get your camera ready”. Ready to roll I spotted him quickly. A huge male deer. As a little child so happy and grateful I stayed in the forest for hours and got many more Angels of the Forest on camera. Thanks to my inner guidance who led me and thanks to my mind who didn’t say a word all this time.

Can I invite you to go out and be guided? To leave the house without any plan?
Would love to hear what happened afterwards!

But first, let me take you with me. To the stars of today’s show.

Music: Eyra Moon.

Love, Eyra with a blissful heart.


Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon has a tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. Her journey in discovering the law of the Universe, the words we use, the believes we embedded as our own that create our reality, reflect back in her work through Great Talks, Music, Videos, Film, Articles, and connecting with Your True Self. In all these forms, she invites you to go on a journey with her. To go within and feel. To reconnect with what we truly are; the Universe experiencing itself through You. Being Truth and Love and bringing that into every situation and encounter with other beings. The more we connect to our source self and leave from this space, the more we can start creating a world from the freedom, love, abundance, and serenity that we are.

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