Andrew Miller’s Tips for Being a Good Leader

Leadership is vital in so many parts of our lives.  From who we trust our lives within the government to the importance of a strong hand in business and personal life.  If you want to become that guiding and essential voice in people’s lives, there’s a lot you have to do.  You can’t declare yourself the leader and expect people to follow without question.

In this post, former Polycom CEO Andrew Miller describes how to be the best leader and have people respect you as one.

Show Reliability and Firmness

Be there for your company and the people around you when you’re needed.  The best way to become a leader and get recognized as one is to be there when you should be.  Show up, do your best, and be reliable and consistent.  If there’s a certain way you want things done, and others struggle with it, show them by example.  Lead by showing them what’s possible

Listen to Others and Acknowledge Facts

Don’t cling to false narratives.  Several studies show that people double down on false reports, even if presented with data that says otherwise because they don’t want their core beliefs being questions.  Keep this in mind if you find yourself pushing back against information that doesn’t support what you wish to or thinks is right.  Look through the data yourself, decide why you’re clinging to your own opinion so hard, and then consider what’s best for your business.  There’s no room for bias in your company.

Show You’re Giving

When people align themselves with leaders, they want to find people who are giving and open but still able to guide.  CEOs like Andrew Miller give to multiple foundations every year and champion causes they believe in.  Although some choose to share privately, most are public to support charities and people in need.  This action gives CEOs a human touch, allows people to see that their beliefs align, and can often help as a tax write-off to help the company.

Review Past Decisions When Moving Forward

The worst thing you can do as a leader is stick to a plan without any other reason besides that you made that plan.  This plan could mean that you nail your company into a production style or design that doesn’t age well.  You don’t have to change everything regularly, but keep an eye on your past, present, and future.  You can do this every six months if you want to stay on top of things.  Look over the current numbers, decide if your production or employee enthusiasm is working, and consider how it can be improved.  A good leader will acknowledge when something needs change and doesn’t cling to ideas that don’t work.

When you want to become a better leader, the most vital thing you can do is prove that you’re someone worth following.  Be firm in your beliefs but open to change if given new information.  Show that you’re charitable and that you’re willing to do anything to improve your business.  The best thing a leader can be is patient and thorough.

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