And Their Voices Be Still

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonIT SEEMED LIKE ONLY yesterday we that were stunned and saddened by the sudden passing of our beloved Ziggy Stardust The Spider From Mars known to his legions of loyal fans as the multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and actor David Bowie. The loss of this incredibly talented man is still so fresh in our minds with our hearts still aching from his final exit from our lives.

Seemingly only days ago we learned of the passing of Eagles Guitarist and vocalist Glenn Frey who also left us way too soon at the young age of 67. Known for being one of the founding member of the legendary “Country Rock Band” The Eagles which spawned such stars as Jackson Browne, Dan Fogelberg, the now ailing Linda Ronstadt, the enigmatic Joe Walsh and of course Eagles Drummer Don Henley along with the rest of this richly talented band.In some ways the talents of Glen Frey (in a much more toned down fashion) mirrored those of the late David Bowie as he too was a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and actor. Glen will always be most remembered for the songs he so masterfully wrote with a voice that allowed him to perform a variety of songs many of which were a contrast in style.

During their 45 year history Glen Frey and The Eagles moved us through many emotions while inspiring a new breed of music fan almost similar to what The Beatles had done years prior. There were so may songs that we can sing in our sleep. The memories they created live on through their recordings as well as through the surviving members of the band. Glen like David will be missed. Their common bond is the legacy of the music they made.

Brilliant and beloved actress Jean Stapleton died within the past week at the age of 90. Best known for the character of Edith Bunker she so brilliantly brought to life on the hit television comedy show All In The Family in which she co-starred with Carol O’Connor, Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner. Often painted by her TV husband Archie Bunker as a “dingbat” Edith possessed humanity and wisdom with her trademark sheepish smile.

Born to the name Jeanne Murray in 1923 Jean was the daughter of opera singer Marie A. Stapleton and Joseph Murray a billboard salesman. During her illustrious career Jean Stapleton won numerous Golden Globe awards in addition to being nominated for several Emmy Awards. Most striking to those who were not overly familiar with Jean Stapleton was the fact she was the exact opposite of her character in that she spoke exceptionally well and was obviously very literate. Her talents will be missed. Edith Bunker will live on through the magic of You Tube where we now have the luxury of watching her develop her character while sharing the laughter she created.

David Bowie, Glen Frey & Jean Stapleton have all left us wanting more of their talents. The common thread that bound all of them together is the fact they made us feel good while causing us to stop, reflect, think and ponder where they were leading us to.

With respect to all three stars (who never intended to be stars) I will not write an overly long dramatically sad eulogy as that is the last thing they would have wanted from any of us. Our tears from the loneliness we feel from the loss along with the mortality we now feel are testimonials to these no longer living legends. Goodbye!


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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